Sing, Dance, Play Games All Day Long | Mendy Music #shorts -

Sing, Dance, Play Games All Day Long | Mendy Music #shorts

Morah Music – Jewish Songs For Kids
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Mendy Music – Sing, Dance, Play Games
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✅ Credits: Vocals: Mendy Music, Mendy Levilev,

👉 Instruments: Morah Music, Surie Levilev

👉 Produced: Morah Music, Surie Levilev

👉 Directed: Nussy Levilev

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✅ About Morah Music – Jewish Songs For Kids:

Morah Music is a professional musician and teacher who produces fun jewish kids songs and other educational media for teachers and parents and seniors.

Morah Music’s songs are interactive, easy to sing along, and very catchy! Morah Music’s songs are written in rhythm, rhyme, and movement where children are encouraged to really engage with the music and learn new things in a playful way.

If you are a teacher or parent of toddlers, jewish children in preschool and kindergarten, English as a second or English as a foreign language, or children with special needs, join our growing community!

You can also download free printables, or purchase our songs on our website:

As a passionate educator, we recognize the incredible creativity and imagination in children, and we hope that Morah Music will become a fun place for them to learn and enjoy.

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