Song Association 🎤! Game 3 -

Song Association 🎤! Game 3

Song Association Words
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As requested by a subscriber, I decided to make the video longer! Enjoy 😉


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  1. This is what i did for see: i see you winding and grinding 😏

  2. I can only think of Taylor Swift songs lol.

  3. People: always
    Me: after all this time? Always (only potterheads understand)

    People: heart
    Me: tattoed heart of Ariana grande

    People: baby
    Me: baby I from Ariana grande

  4. Baby by Justin
    True colors by cyndi L
    Always be my baby by Mariah
    Wish by ray j
    The wheels on the bus lol
    West side by Ariana
    Worth it by fifth harmony
    I got a feeling by Black eye peas
    Who run the world by Beyoncé
    I have nothing by Whitney
    Rather be by H. E. R.
    Girl by destiny’s child
    Beautiful by Christina A
    Kiss kiss by Chris brown t pain
    Work by Rihanna
    15 out of 20 not bad!

  5. Smiler, Livies, Mozarts and Ariantor says:


  6. Me being a blink
    Uh imma fall love baby
    You gon finna catch me

  7. ANAI PURPLE GARDEN 아나이 보라색 정원 says:

    i lost two

  8. Finding every word from a 1D song

    Directioners are next level.

  9. I love how One Direction's WMYB was there as an example song for the term 'beautiful'.

  10. 3:04
    Me: you ain't worth my love if you only love to hate me…. 🖤💗

  11. Mine:

    1 – ‘Baby’ by Justin b
    2 – “heart wants what it wants” by Selena Gomez
    3 – “I see you, I feel you” I have no clue who made that lol
    4 – ‘always be my baby’ Mariah Carey
    5 – ‘one more time’ Ari
    6 – n/a
    7 – n/a
    8 – n/a I suck here lol
    9 – ‘feeling good’ micheal buble
    10 – ‘we are the world’ I think Michael Jackson was in it
    11 – n/a
    12 – “and nothing will ever come between us or ever come apart” rap part of baby by jb
    13 – n/a
    14 – ‘bad guy’ by billlie eilish
    15 – “girls just wanna have fun” idk who made it
    16 – ‘treat you better’ by Shawny boooyyyyyy 🙃
    17 – ‘man in the mirror’ by Michael Jackson
    19 – ‘beautiful’ by Camilla
    20 – ‘I kissed a girl’ does that count? Since it’s not just “kiss”? By Katy perry
    21 – “cause I gotta go to work work work work work” fifth harmony

  12. 19/20!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best one I've ever done!!!

  13. My answers:
    1. Baby – Baby I – Ariana Grande
    2. Heart – honeymoon avenue (I feel like my HEART is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic) – Ariana Grande
    3. See – be my baby (I'm the only girl you SEE) – Ariana Grande
    4. Always – right there (I'm ALWAYS gonna stay) – Ariana Grande
    5. One – One last time – Ariana Grande
    6. Around – (mind blank)
    7. Side – Side to side – Ariana Grande
    8. Worth – worth it – fifth harmony
    9. Feeling – emotions (you got me FEELING emotions) – Mariah Carey
    10. World – Rule the world – Ariana Grande and 2 Chainz
    11. Belong – You belong with me – Taylor Swift
    12. Nothing – I have nothing – Whitney Houston
    13. Rather – Baby loves (I'd RATHER wait for him forever) – Ariana Grande
    14. Bad – Bad decisions – Ariana Grande
    15. Girl – My girl – the temptations
    16. Better – better off – Ariana Grande
    17. Mirror – (mind blank)
    18. Beautiful – what makes you beautiful – one direction
    19. Kiss – tattooed heart (and KISS me underneath the moonlight) – Ariana Grande
    20. Work – work from home – fifth harmony
    (I'm definitely not an ariana fan)

  14. I got 16/20 once i saw beautiful i already knew imma sing what makes you beautiful

  15. I bet all of you for the first one did baby -Justin Bieber

  16. me sorprende que las mayoria de las palabras que adivine son de canciones de ari 😅

  17. Who else forgot all the songs they’ve heard and kept getting mad at themselves

  18. I was going to close this video if it didn't use 'you belong with me' for belong, but thanks for adding it

  19. …I came up with a 1D song for all of them. Where are my 1Directioners at?

  20. One direction kiss you should me in it

  21. Nobody:
    Nobody at all:
    Me:Did you see my bag,did you see my bag, it's hella trophies and it's hella thick

    Armies will understand 😂

  22. Not me thinking of every Michael Jackson song there is:

  23. Am i the only one who goes "KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE" when 'kiss' comes up .-.

  24. I used the same song for baby and always
    It’s like BABY BABY BABY oh, like BABY BABY BABY no! Thought you’d ALWAYS be mine (miiiine)

  25. 1) Baby – Justin Bieber
    2) Heart Attack – Demi Lovato
    3) "Can't you see that I'm the one" You belong with me – Taylor Swift
    4) ?
    5) One last time – Ariana Grande
    6) Around the world – ?
    7) Side to Side – Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj
    8) Worth it – Fifth Harmony ft. Kid ink
    9) "You got that feeling" – ?

  26. I remembered about baby shark at the last second

  27. Was I the only one who started singing talking to the moon for side? "In hopes you're on the other SIDE"

  28. not me thinking slide was swipe and breaking out into itzy 😅

  29. i got 14 i struggeld it was a lot of preasure

  30. Word: Baby
    Me: baby, baby, baby… Tu Eres mi trap lady, tu eres mi trap queen!

    Was not thinking of Justin Bieber at all!!

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