Song Association Game #36 ❤️💗🧡 -

Song Association Game #36 ❤️💗🧡

Song Association Words
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  1. Sometimes:
    me starts screaming heat waves lyrics

  2. isnt she lovely- stevie wonder
    level up- ciara
    what time is it- hsm2 (school’s out scream and shout)
    sweet but psycho- ava max
    death by a thousand cuts- taylor swift
    there’s nothing holding me back- shawn mendes (just picture everybody naked)
    good morning baltimore- hairspray
    bird song- florence and the machine
    hotel california- the eagles
    pillow talk- zayn
    take it to the floor- b2k (to the windows to the wall)
    cant feel my face- the weekend
    miss independent- ne-yo
    moonlight- xxxtentaction
    new year’s day- taylor swift

  3. Lovely- Lovely by Billie Eilish & Khalid
    Level- Ankles by Jessie Reyez
    School- High School Musical💀
    Psycho- Psycho by Red Velvet
    Cut- Cut Me by Moses Sumney
    Naked- Naked By Ella Mai
    Sometimes- Sometimes by Ariana Grande
    Morning- More in the Morning by Angelica Vila??
    Bird- Feeling Good by Nina Simone
    California- California Dreaming by the Mamas and the Papas
    Pillow- Pillowtalk by Zayn
    Imagination- Pure Imagination from Willie Wonka??
    Can't- I Can't Stop Me by Sabrina Carpenter ft. Saweetie
    Independent- Miss Independent by Ne-Yo
    Scared- Scared to Live by The Weeknd
    Moonlight- Moonlight by Ariana Grande
    Year- Long Year by Audrey Nuna
    Piece- I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline


  4. My answers:
    Billie Eilish – lovely ft. Khalid
    Aespa – next level
    Weeekly – after school
    Ava max – sweet but psycho & Red velvet – psycho
    Shawn Mendez – stitches
    Ava Max – naked
    Britney Spears – sometimes
    Itzy – in the morning
    Blackpink – how you like that
    Justin Bieber – peaches
    didn't get pillow
    didn't get window
    Shawn Mendez – imagination
    Twice – I can't stop me
    Kelly Clarkson – miss independent
    Dua Lipa & Martin Garrix – scared to be lonely
    Ariana Grande – moonlight
    Lukas Graham – 7 years
    Got7- last piece
    <3 <3 <3

  5. My answers:
    •Lovely:Lovely,Billie Eilish
    •Level:Next Level,Aespa
    •School:After School,Weekly
    •Psycho:Psycho,Red Velvet
    •Morning:In The Morning,Itzy
    •Bird:Blue Bird,Naruto
    •California:Peaches,Justin Bieber
    •Pillow:Life Goes On,BTS
    •Imagination:Blue Hour,TXT
    •Can't:I can't stop me,Twice
    •Scared:Scaredy Cat,DPR IAN
    •Year:A Thousand Years,Christina Perri

  6. i'm a huge livie (olivia rodrigo's fan) and so i wanted to say that hope ur ok (last track of her album, sour) is an example of a song with the word school on it: "my middle school friend grew up alone, she raised her brothers on her own…"
    thanks & have a really nice day!

  7. lovely: ?
    level: next level by aespa
    school: after school by Weeekly
    psycho: psycho by Red Velvet
    cut: ?
    nacked: new friends by Maty Noyes
    "Nacked pictures of your ex"
    sometimes: ?
    morning: sunday morning by Mitch James or watch you sleep by girl in red ("The mornin' sun shines on you skin")
    california: california gurls by Katy Perry
    window: Bust your windows by Jasmine Sullivan
    imagination: ?
    can't: Rue by girl in red
    "can't trust my mind, it's such a liar"
    independent: ?
    scared: ?
    moonlight: The new kid in town by Baby Ariel
    "He takes me on walks under the full moonlight"
    year: My year by Zombies (cast)
    piece: ?

  8. Level

  9. Did nobody else sing for sometimes “sometimes I don’t wanna be happy”

  10. 1. Isn't She Lovely
    2. Next Level (Aespa)
    3. It's Nice to Have a Friend (TSwift)
    4. Psycho (Maisie Peters)
    5. X
    6. Get Naked (Britney Spears)
    7. Volare (Vitamin C)
    8. Good Morning (from Singing in the Rain)
    9. Bye Bye Blackbird
    10. Hotel California (Eagles)
    11. X
    12. Love the Way You Lie (Rihanna)
    13. X
    14. Can't Help Falling in Love
    15. X
    16. X
    17. Memory (from Cats)
    18. New Year's Day (TSwift)
    19. X

  11. my answers!

    word: lovely
    billie eilish, khalid – lovely

    word: level
    aespa – next level

    word: school
    melanie martinez – highschool sweethearts

    word: psycho

    red velvet – psycho
    mia rodriguez – psycho

    word: cut
    “if i cut myself i would bleed”
    melanie martinez – show & tell

    word: naked
    “just picture everybody naked”
    shawn mendes – there’s nothing holding me back
    “feeling unsure of my naked body”
    melanie martinez – strawberry shortcake

    word: sometimes

    word: morning

    word: bird

    word: california
    katy perry, snoop dog – california gurls

    word: pillow

    word: window
    “i’m just looking out the window”
    melanie martinez – wheels on the bus

    word: imagination
    foster the people – imagination

    word: can’t
    twice – i can’t stop me

    word: independent
    ??? that word might be in one woman army by porcelain black but i don’t know

    word: scared
    "goddamn right you should be scared of me”
    halsey – control

    word: moonlight
    ariana grande – moonlight

    word: year
    lukas graham – 7 years

    word: piece
    “i am not a piece of cake”
    melanie martinez – cake


  12. Not me acting like a celeb/tik toker on one of those game channels

  13. Lovely: Lovely- Billie Eilish
    Level: ?
    Psycho: Psychopath- Conan Gray
    Cut: Death By A Thousand Cuts- Taylor Swift
    Naked: ?
    Sometimes: ?
    Morning: Call Me By Your Name (Call me in the MORNING)
    Bird: I'm like a Bird- Nelly Furtado
    California: Hotel California- The Eagles
    Pillow: Pillowtalk- Zayn
    Window: Our Song- Taylor Swift- (Sneaking out late, tapping on your WINDOW.)
    Imagination: ?
    Can't: Delicate- Taylor Swift (No we CAN'T make any promises now, can we babe?)
    Independent: Independent Woman- Destiny's Child
    Scared: All Too Well- Taylor Swift (Running SCARED, I was there. I remember it ALL TOOOOOO WEEEEELLLLLL!)
    Moonlight: ?
    Year: ?
    Piece: Clarity- Zedd Ft. Someone I can't remember 😂 (You are a PIECE of me I thought I didn't need.)

    I actually didn't see the word school because I wasn't looking when it came up and I was typing while watching the video, so I didn't want to have to type it all again 🖐️😂

  14. my answers : lovely – billie eilish/ level up – i dont remember the artist / school's out – alice cooper/ no/ the cut that always bleeds – conan gray/ no/ get free – lana del rey/ no/ ride – lana del rey/ california – lana del rey or hotel california – eagles/ pillowtalk -zayn/ no/ no/ this is why we can"t have nice things – taylor swift/ no/no/ moonlight – xxxtentacion/ new year's day – taylor swift/ no

  15. Im a KPOP FAN!! and you had level – aespa/next level
    Psycho – res velvet/psycho
    And can't- twice/I can't stop me!!!!

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