Song Association Words Game #64 -

Song Association Words Game #64

Song Association Words
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  1. 1. No – Meghan Trainor
    2. One Less Lonely Girl – Justin Bieber
    3. Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard
    4. Older – They Might Be Giants
    5. I'm Not Okay (I Promise) – My Chemical Romance
    6. Pink or Black – Hatsune Miku
    7. All too Well 10 Minute Version – Taylor Swift "then he watched me watch the front door all night, willing you to come"
    8. It's On – Camp Rock 2
    9. Once Upon A Dream – Sleeping Beauty
    10. Oh No! – Marina and the Diamonds
    11. Our Song – Taylor Swift
    12. King of My Heart – Taylor Swift
    13. I couldn't come up with anything for often 🙁
    14. The 1 – Taylor Swift
    15. Hot n Cold – Katy Perry
    16. Software Upgrade – Poppy
    17. Never Really Over – Katy Perry
    18. N/A for option
    19. Love is an Open Door – Frozen

  2. Taylor Swift song only
    No- “no nothing good starts in a getaway car” GETAWAY CAR
    Only- “I’m only me when I’m with u!!!”
    Ocean- “Ocean blue eyes looking in mine, I feel like I might sink and drown and die” GORGEOUS
    Old- “And toying with them older guys.. shaking, pacing, i just need u” DON’T BLAME ME
    Okay- “Cause I cant pretend it’s okay when it’s not” DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS
    Or- “Or lead me to the garden?” BETTY
    Come- “Come back be here”
    On- “He’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar”
    Once- “Once upon a time..” FOREVER & ALWAYS
    Our- “Our song is the slamming screen door” OUR SONG
    Of- “the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now” THE STORY OF US
    One- “one for the money, two for the show” CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS
    Cold-“the air was cold” ALL TOO WELL
    Off- “get it off my desk” LAVENDER HAZE
    Open- “Keep your e-eyes open” EYES OPEN

  3. 1. ain't no grave can hold my body down (idk who by some choir)
    2. Only – dark red (steve lacy)

    3. Ocean – cake by the ocean (dnce)

    4. Old – old town road (lil nas x)

    5. Okay – be alright (dean lewis)

    6. Or – 14,400 minutes (chance the rapper)

    7. Come – skeleton (the front bottoms)

    8. On – break the bank (schoolboy q)

    9. Once – beachboy 2 (mccafferty)

    10. Oh – collard greens (schoolboy q)

    11. Our – our song (taylor swift)

    12. Of – cake (melanie martinez)

    13. Often – ?

    14. One – baby one more time (britney spears)

    15. Cold – ?

    16. Off – 22 offs (chance the rapper)

    17. Over – attention (charlie puth)
    18. Option – ?

    19. Open – ?

  4. 1. No no no no no if I say yes yea yes yes yes
    2.if only you knew
    3. Can I dive in your ocean
    4. Old time road
    5. It’s okay it’s okay if you loss we all a little loss
    7. Baby want you come my way
    8. Let’s get it on – Marvin Gaye
    9. Once I was 7 years old
    10. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
    13. I think about you often
    14. One wish or no one no one by alicia
    15. Cold December

  5. 16. Can’t get you off me
    17. Over the hill and everywhere
    18. I got option baby you got options too

  6. mine lol
    no – no by meghan trainor
    only – only by lee hi
    ocean – pink venom by blackpink
    okay – birthday by somi
    or – idkk lmao
    come – pink venom by blackpink
    on – luna llena by malu trevejo
    once – 7 years by lukas graham
    oh – ain't my fault by zara larsson
    our – idk
    of – idk
    often – often by the weeknd
    one – new rules by dua lipa
    cold – typa girl by blackpink
    off – typa girl by blackpink
    over – idk
    option – idk
    open – idk

  7. 1. No Quarter by Led Zeppelin
    2. Dark Red by Steve Lacy
    3. Cake By the Ocean
    4. Tale as Old as Time
    5. It's Alright by Mother Mother
    6. Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash
    7. Hang On To Yourself by David Bowie
    8. Ramble On by Led Zeppelin
    9. 7 Years
    10. Oh Klahoma by Jack Stauber
    12. All Of My Love by Led Zeppelin
    14. Love You Like An Alcoholic by The Taxpayers
    15. Cold Is The Night by The Oh Hellos
    16. Achilles Come Down by Gang of Youths
    17. Five Years by David Bowie
    18. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

  8. 1. No Sleep Till Brooklyn by the Beastie Boys
    2. Only the Young by Journey
    3. Fail
    4. Old Town Road
    5. I’m Not OK by MCR
    6. Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi
    7. Come Together by the Beatles
    8. Heaven’s On Fire by KISS
    9. Once Bitten Twice Shy by Great White
    10. Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry
    11. Our House by Madness
    12. Ace of Spades by Motörhead
    13. Fail
    14. One by Metallica
    15. Cold as Ice by Foreigner
    16. Getcha Rocks Off by Def Leppard
    17. Over the Mountain by Ozzy
    18. Fail
    19. Open Arms by Journey

  9. 1. NO – CLC
    2. Forever – Mariah Carey
    3. Pink Venom – BLACKPINK
    4. Old Town Road – Lil Nas X
    5. Idk 😅
    6. Yes or Yes – TWICE
    7. We Belong Together – Mariah Carey
    8. Easy on me – Adele
    9. Once upon a dream – Lana del rey
    10. Oh! – SNSD
    11. 2002 – Anne Marie
    12. Always be my baby – Mariah Carey
    13. Idk 😅
    14. New rules – Dua Lipa
    15. You're so cold – Mariah Carey
    16. Shake it off – Taylor Swift
    17. If it's over – Mariah Carey
    18. Idk 😅
    19. Leave the door open – Silk sonic

  10. No- (no) Meghan trainor
    Only- (one and only) Adele
    Ocean- (ocean eyes) Billie eilish
    Okay- (It’s not right but it’s okay) Whitney houston
    Or- miss this one
    Come- miss this one
    On- (Love on top) Beyoncé
    Oh- (Oh my god) Adele
    Our- (Forever) Mariah Carey
    Of- (My all) Mariah Carey
    Often- (Often) The Weeknd
    One- (The one) Jorja Smith
    Cold- (Hot & Cold) Katy Perry
    Off- (Shake it off) Mariah Carey
    Over- Miss this one
    Option- Miss this one
    Open- (Open arms) Sza

  11. 1: NO – Megan trainer
    3: Cake by the ocean
    4: Fabulous – High school musical
    5: See you again – Tyler the creator ft Kali Uchis
    7: I feel it coming – the Weeknd
    8: ON -BTS
    9: 7 years – Lucas graham
    10: ON – BTS
    13: Often – the Weeknd
    14: silk sonic intro – silk sonic
    15: Let it go – Frozen (lol)
    Did pretty badly 😢

  12. No-Should’ve Said No by TS
    If only-Dove Cameron
    Ocean Eyes-Billie Eilish
    Getting Older-Billie Eilish
    Hope ur ok-Olivia Rodrigo
    Come and get it-Selena Gomez
    Light switch-Charlie Puth
    Crazy in love-Beyoncé (intro uh oh)
    Our song-TS
    Shape of you-Ed Sheeran
    New rules-Dua Lipa
    Stone cold-Demi lovato
    Shake it off-TS
    Never really over-Katy Perry
    Eyes open-TS

  13. I'm not an expert, but I have done lots of research, and I have two bunnies myself. Your bunny has almost identical ears and facial structure to mine, but yours has a much larger body, and although mine are young, I still see that they bear great resemblance to one another. Your bunny may not be 100%, but is definitely at least part Dutch rabbit. Hope this helps, have a great dayyy 😊

  14. my results:

    1. no by meghan trainor
    2. if only by descendants cast😭
    3. ocean eyes by billie eilish
    4. out with the old by olivia rodrigo
    5. it’s okay not to be okay by macklemore
    6. idk
    7. come thru by jeremy sucker
    8. mind over matter by young the giant (yk you’re on my mind)
    9. 7 years by lukas graham (once i was 7 years old)
    10. unchained melody by the righteous brothers (ohh, my love, my darling)
    11. our song by taylor swift
    12. story of my life by one direction
    13. often by the weeknd
    14. i’m not the only one by sam smith
    15. cold heart by dua lipa
    16. sex sells by lovejoy (i’ve been scared of sleeping with the lights off)
    17. never really over by katy perry
    18. idk
    19. open arms – sza

    final score: 17/19

  15. 15/19 Option and Often were total blanks, the other 2 were timer induced panicking in easy words.

    Knowing The Ocean by Richard Hawley thankfully made that word a no-brainer.

  16. Blank screen so you don't get spoiled in the comments


  17. 1. That's No Fun by Steve Lacy
    2. Why'd You Only Call Me When Your High by Arctic Monkeys
    3. Ocean Prime by The Alchemist Ft. Boldy James
    4. This Old Dog by Mac Demarco
    5. See You Again by Tyler, The Creator Ft. Cali Uchis
    6. YES or YES by TWICE
    7. Come Together by The Beatles
    8. Horseshit On Route 66 by The Garden
    9. What Once Was by Her's
    10. Oh Darling by Freddie Dredd
    11. Meet Me At Our Spot by THE ANXIETY Ft. WILLOW & Tyler Cole
    12. Army Of Me by Bjork
    13. Often by The Weeknd
    14. One Beer by MF DOOM
    15. Hot N Cold by Katy Perry
    16. Break It Off by PinkPantheress
    17. Over by Lucky Daye
    18. 🙁
    19: This Night Has Opened My Eyes by The Smiths

  18. No one Alicia
    Only love can hurt like this
    Ocean Eyes
    Old town road

  19. 1. No: no – meghan trainor
    2. Only: if only – dove cameron (from descendants)
    3. Ocean: cake by the ocean – dnce
    4: Old: 7 years old – lukas graham
    5. Ok: ….
    6. Or: ….
    7. Come: pure imagination – idk ("come with me and you'll be")
    8. On: on – bts ("bring the pain on")
    9. Once: once upon a december – idk (from Anastasia)
    10. Oh: oh no – marina
    11. Our: ….
    12. Of: king of anything – sara bareilles
    13. Often: this is home – cavetown ("often i am upset")
    14. One: one – the technicolors
    15. Cold: cold cold man – saint motel
    16. Off: shallow – lady gaga and bradley cooper ("im off the deep end")
    17. Over: into you – paramore ("i should be over all the butterflies")
    18. Option: ….
    19. Open: ….

  20. 1. "With no time left to start again": American Pie – Don McLean
    2. "Well, you only need the light when it's burning low": Let Her Go – Passenger
    3. "Those ocean eyes": Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish
    4. "Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road": Old Town Road – Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus
    5. "It's never easy to walk away, let her go. It'll be okay": Be Alright – Dean Lewis
    6. "Love me or leave me here": Love Me or Leave Me – Little Mix
    7. "Come a little bit closer, you're my kind of man": Come a Little Bit Closer – Jay and the Americans
    8. "Take on me": Take on Me – Aha
    9. "I heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime": Dandelions – Ruth B
    10. "Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader": Cheerleader – Omi
    11. "Our song is the slamming screen door": Our Song – Taylor Swift
    12. "I hope you had the time of your life": Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) – Greenday
    13. "I often wonder" I give myself half points for this because I somewhat made it up, I took a song lyric I heard years ago without knowing the song
    14. "One step closer": A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
    15. "'Cause it's too cooooold for you here": Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood
    16. "High off of love, drunk from my hate": Love the Way You Lie – Eminem ft.Rihanna
    17. "I guess it's never really over": Never Really Over – Katy Perry
    18. I can come up with lots of ideas for options but I couldn't think of any for option sadly
    19. "Imma leave the door open": Leave the Door Open – Anderson .Paak, Bruno Mars, & Silk Sonic

  21. I did this game testing myself to do only Taylor Swift songs and I did pretty well! 🙂

  22. me on the word "of"
    You've been trolled You've been trolled! Yes you've probably been trolled! Don't Reply to this guy, he's just trying to get a rise out of you! Yes it's true!

  23. 1. system of a down – question
    2. bring me the horizon – suicide season
    3. cake by the ocean
    4. muse – blackout
    5. shinedown – I'm not alright
    6. muse – kill or be killed
    7. muse – madness
    8. radiohead – blackstar
    9. avicii – the nights
    9. weezer – say it ain't so
    10. muse – time is running out
    11. ed sheeran – shape of u
    12. often: no idea
    13. muse – uno
    14. katy perry – hot n cold
    15. kesha – take it off
    16. alter bridge – watch over you
    17. option: idk
    18. open idk

  24. ᴀʟᴛᴇʀɴᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴀɴɢᴇʟ says:

    No: No by Meghan Trainor
    Only : Only Girl by Rihanna
    Ocean : Did you know that there’s a tunnel under ocean blvd by Lana Del Rey
    Okay : See You Again by Tyler, the creator

  25. Songs I chose

    No Lie- Dua Lipa
    Only Girl- Rihanna
    Cake by the Ocean- DNCE
    Old Town Road- Lil Nas X
    Nothing to Lose- Shuba
    Now or Never- Halsey
    Come as you are- Nirvana
    Count on me- Bruno Mars
    7 Years- Lukas Graham
    Don’t lose ur head- SIX
    This is our big night- Equestria Girls
    All of me- John Legend
    Idk anything for often
    One last time- Ariana Grande
    Hot and cold- Katy Perry
    Shake it off- Taylor Swift
    Never really over- Katy Perry
    Idk for option
    All of you- Encanto

  26. Mine

    1. No Way by Bazzi
    2. Only 1 by Ariana Grande
    3. Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish
    4. Old Me by 5sos
    5. It's Ok Not To Be OK by demi Lovato
    6. Now or Never by Halsey
    7. Come Together by Michael Jackson
    8. Life Goes On by Oliver Tree
    9. 7 Years by Luka Graham
    10. Uh Oh by Bazzi
    11. Our Song by Anne-Marie
    12. Star By Bazzi (Faded Of Off This Bottle)
    13. Often by The Weeknd
    14. One dance by Drake
    15. Cold by Post Malone
    16. Off The Table by ariana Grande
    17. Over by Adam Wright
    18. No option by post malone
    19. Leave the door open by silk sonic

  27. 1. no meghan trainor (ig ths what ts called)
    2. only you bt portishead
    3. ocean eyes by billie eyelash
    4. good old fashioned lover boy by queen
    5. psycho by red velvet
    6. yes or yes by twice
    7. idk
    8. chained to the rythm by katy perry
    9. idk
    10. any death metal song at ths point i chose nemesis by arch enemy
    11. phantom agony by epica
    12. all of me
    13. idk
    14. one kiss by dua lipa
    15. hot n cold by katy perry
    16. shake it off by taylor swift
    17. over by portishead
    18. no idea
    19. idk

  28. 1. No: A No No – Mariah Carey
    2. Only: I Only Have Eyes For You – The Flamingos
    3. Ocean: Going Back To Cali – LL Cool J (“She said she liked the ocean”)
    4. Old: Old Time’s Sake – Sweet Sable
    5. Okay: Okay – Nivea
    6. Or: Him or Me – Today
    7. Come: Come Back To Me – Janet Jackson
    8. On: On & On – Erykah Badu
    9. Once: Once Upon A Time – Donna Summer
    10. Oh: Oh – Ciara
    11. Our: Our House – Madness
    12. Of: Piece of Me – Britney Spears
    13. Often: Often – The Weeknd
    14. One: One On One – To Be Continued
    15. Cold: You’re So Cold – Mariah Carey
    16. Off: Gett Off – Prince
    17. Over: It’s Over Now – Boz Scaggs
    18. Option: Options – Luke James
    19. Open: Open Your Heart – Madonna

  29. Mine:
    No: No Scrubs by TLC
    Only: Only by Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown
    Ocean: Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish
    Old: failed 🙁
    Okay: It's Alright, It's OK by Ashley Tisdale??? XD
    Or: failed 🙁
    Come: Come & Get It by Selena Gomez
    On: Turnin Me On by Keri Hilson
    Once: failed 🙁
    Oh: OMG by Usher
    Our: Our Time Now by Plain White T's
    Of: All Of Me by John Legend
    Often: failed 🙁
    One: One Last Time by Ariana Grande
    Cold: Cold by Maroon 5
    Off: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
    Over: Over by Drake
    Option: failed 🙁
    Open: failed 🙁

  30. no – not today (bts)
    only – only love can hurt like this (paloma faith)
    ocean – ocean eyes (billie eilish)
    old – same old love (selena gomez)
    okay – failed
    or – yes or yes (twice)
    come – cheap thrills (sia)
    on – on the ground (rosé)
    once – i knew you were trouble (taylor swift)
    oh – omg (newjeans)
    our – our song (taylor swift)
    of – happier (olivia rodrigo)
    often – failed
    one – 0x1= lovesong (txt)
    cold – coldblooded (jessi)
    off – off my face (justin bieber)
    over – overdrive (conan gray)
    option – failed
    open – all of the stars (ed sheeran)

  31. They spelled Niall's name wrong by the way but this was fun

  32. Song association words 64

    1) No: She Said No – BoyWithUke
    2) Only: Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
    3) Ocean: Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish
    4) Old: Be There – Seafret ("…together we can grow old…")
    5) Okay: I'm Not Okay – Citizen Soldier
    6) Or: Save your story – Citizen Soldier ("…will you turn the light out or be a human lighthouse?…"
    7) Come: Demons – Imagine Dragons ("…this is my kingdom, come…")
    8) On: Deathbed – Citizen Soldier ("…I'm gonna live through hell so I'm left with no regrets on my deathbed…")
    9) Once: 7 years – Lukas Graham
    10) Oh: Stumbling – Sarcastic Sounds ("…uh oh damn Idk who tf I am…"
    11) Our: This Side Of Paradise – Coyote Theory ("…our fingers dancing when they meet…")
    12) Of: House of Memories – Panic! At The Disco
    13) Often: Lose Yourself To Dance – Daft Punk ("I know you don't get the chance to take a break this often…")
    14) One: Never Good Enough – Citizen Soldier ("…rather die than let you down one more time…")
    15) Cold: So Cold – BoyWithUke
    16) Off: Would Anyone Card – Citizen Soldier ("…if I finally stepped off of this ledge tonight…")
    17) Over: Unsaid – Citizen Soldier ("…you're the shadow hanging over me…")
    18) Option: Options – NF
    19) Open: Pandora's box – Citizen Soldier ("…Pandora's box is opening…")

  33. 1-No one
    2-Dont blame me
    3- Ocean eyes
    4-Thinking out loud
    6-Now or Never
    8-Dream On
    10-our song
    11-sign of the times
    13-Cold Heart
    17-Love is an open door

  34. 1. No Control (1D)
    2. If Only (Dove Cameron)
    3. Ocean Eyes (Billie Eilish)
    4. Old Town Road (Lil Nas X)
    5. /
    6. Yes or Yes (Twice)
    7. Come Back Home (2NE1)
    8. On (BTS)
    9. Once in a Lifetime (1D)
    10. Oh my god (G) i-dle
    11. Our song (Niall Horan & Anne-Marie)
    12. Story of my life (1D)
    13. Often (The Weeknd)
    14. One Thing (1D)
    15. Hot N Cold (Katy Perry)
    16. /
    17. Over Again (1D)
    18. /
    19. Leave the door open (Paak, Silver Sonic & Bruno Mars)

  35. 1. NO – "No" by Meghan Trainor
    2. ONLY – "If Only" by Dove Cameron
    3. OCEAN – "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilish
    4. OLD – "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X
    5. OKAY – "See You Again" by Tyler the Creator ft Kali Uchis
    6. OR – "Yes Or Yes" by Twice
    7. COME – "Come Back Home" by BTS
    8. ON – "ON" by BTS
    9. ONCE – "Mastermind" – Taylor Swift
    10. OH – "Oh My God" by GIDLE
    11. OUR – "Our Song" by Taylor Swift
    12. OF – "Death By A Thousand Cuts" by Taylor Swift
    13. OFTEN – "Often" by The Weeknd
    14. ONE – "The One" by Taylor Swift"
    15. COLD – "Sweater Weather" by The Neighborhood
    16. OFF – "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift
    17. OVER – "When The Party's Over" by Billie Eilish
    18. OPTION – "Options" by Doja Cat ft JID
    19. OPEN – "Leave the Door Open" by Silk Sonic

  36. Not me trying to get every Ariana grande song

  37. Little Mix – No
    Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World)
    DNCE – Cake By The Ocean
    Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus – Old Town Road (Remix)
    Demi Lovato – OK Not To Be OK
    Halsey – Now Or Never
    Juice WRLD – Come & Go
    Oliver Tree – Life Goes On
    I know the song but don’t know the name
    Dua Lipa – Break My Heart [oh no, i was doing better alone]
    Anne-Marie & Nial Horan – Our Song
    Wamdue Project – King of My Castle

    Dua Lipa – New Rules [one, don’t pick up the phone]
    Maroon 5 feat. Future – Cold
    Jonas Blue – Wherever You Go [i took all my armour off, on, off, on, off]
    Nathan Sykes – Over And Over Again

    Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love [and now my eyes are open]

  38. Well that sucks. None of the songs you pick are from my generation.
    Maybe do decade videos so everyone could have fun






    OR – MISS






    OF – MISS







  40. I Got all of the. Im a musical mastermind

  41. Tell me why when it said cold I started singing bad history Putin my heart is 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  42. "only " more examples:
    1-fight Song "like a small boat in the ocean …"
    2- gorgeous "ocean blue eyes looking in mine…"

    "Old " more examples :
    7 years "once I was 7 years old my mama told me…"

    "Okay" more examples:
    1- my demons "take me high and I'll sing oh you make everything okay okay okay…"
    2-demons by imagine dragons (I don't know the lyrics lol 😐 )

    "Come" more examples :
    1- Hoodie "if you want it back if you want it back come and take it…"
    2- fly away " come and fly away with me …"

    "On" more examples :
    On & on "and on and on we'll go…"

    "Of" more examples :
    None of my business " but baby this is none of my business

    "One" more examples :
    Friends "I told you 1,2,3,4,5,6 thousand times "

    "Off" more examples :
    Smoke it off ( I don't know the lyrics lol :> )

    "Open" more examples :
    1- Never be alone by the living tombstone "the closest door's open wide"
    2- let me down slowly by Alec Benjamin "and I know we haven't talked in a while so I'm looking for an open door"


    never gonna give you up

  43. 1. Du Hast – Rammstein (english translation)
    2. Only one – Yellowcard
    3. Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard
    4. Stressed out – Twenty One Pilots
    5. I'm not okay (I promise) – My Chemical Romance
    6. I can't decide – Scissor sisters
    7. Bury me in Black – MCR
    8. Idk
    9. Seven Years Old – someone id
    10. Idk
    11. Wake Up – Black Veil Brides
    12. My Immoral – Evanescence
    13. Idk
    14. One Day – Lovejoy
    15. World so Cold – Three Days Grace
    16. Idk
    17. Over My Head (Better Off Dead) – Sum 41
    18. Idkkk
    19. * all songs I've ever known gets forgotten *

  44. lets try to do this with only taylor swift songs

    no – shouldve said no
    only – only the young / iomwiwy
    ocean – gorgeous (ocean blue eyes looking in mine)
    old – atw (but you keep my old scarf)
    okay – electric touch (just relax it'll be okay)
    or – ———
    come – come back be here
    on – ikywt (the blame is on me)
    once – king of my heart (and all at once u are the one)
    oh – dont blame me (oh lord save me)
    our – our song
    of – king of my heart
    often – ——-
    one – the one
    cold – cold as you
    off – dress (only bought this dress so you could take it off)
    over – you all over me
    option – ——
    open – keep your eyes open

    16/19 not bad

  45. 1. Should've Said No – Taylor Swift
    2. "I loved you only but it's making me blue" – Breaking Up Slowly – Lana Del Rey
    3. Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard? – LDR
    4. "I'm five years old, it's getting cold" – The Best Day
    5. "I might be okay but I'm not fine at all" – All Too Well – TS
    6. "Do you want me or do you not?" – Happiness Is A Butterfly – LDR
    7. "I'll come to you, I'll come to you' I'll come, come, come" – Old Money – LDR
    8. Wheels On The Bus – Melanie Martinez
    9. "I once believed love would be burning red" – Daylight – TS
    10. "Oh, look what you made me do" – Look What You Made Me Do – TS
    11. Our Song – TS
    12. Often – ❌
    13. The 1 – TS
    14. Cold As You – TS
    15. Off To The Races – LDR
    16. "I know that it's over, I don't need your closure" – Closure – TS
    17. Option – ❌
    18. Open eyes – TS

    Don't blame me, I've got Taylor's lyrics tattoed in my brain 😂

  46. 1. No one – Alicia Keys
    2. X
    3. I Sat By The Ocean – Queens of the Stone Age
    4. X
    5. I'm Not Okay – My Chemical Romance
    6. X
    7. Come As You Are – Nirvana
    8. Dynamite – Taio Cruz
    9. X
    10. OMG – Usher
    11. X
    12. Best of You – Foo Fighters
    13. X
    14. One Less Lonely Girl – Justin Bieber
    15. X
    16. Take It Off – Kesha
    17. X
    18. X
    19. Open the Eyes of my Heart by Micheal W. Smith

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