Sound Effects & Background Music | Build a 2D Platformer Game in Unity #11 -

Sound Effects & Background Music | Build a 2D Platformer Game in Unity #11

Coding in Flow
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In this part, we will add sounds and music to our game using the Audio Source component.

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  1. Hey Coding in Flow, I screwed up on this step and re-imported the game assets. That totally seems to have overwritten almost all of my work from this tutorial so far. Is there any way to revert that?

  2. I watched the first five seconds on the video about 30 times before realising it was a joke :-/

  3. Aww man, again those peoples are here which are giving ur vids dislikes ( just 2 of them )…
    I request them to pls like this whole tutorial series or I will pour peri peri sauce in their breakfast!!

    One thing more,
    You have not added loop to your Moving Platform animation.
    HeHe I caught u..

  4. hay brother thanck you for this tutorial
    Please help me, i followed all steps but don't working sound please
    help me

  5. i wanna ask, in playerlife script, why method RestartLevel( ) can be executed when player die, even though we didint call this method

  6. Just wanna mention, i got all my stuff back, and now every few minutes i save my stuff. YOU. ARE. THE. BEST. PROGRAM. TEACHER. EVER!!! Because of you, my family is so proud that i wrote code, so thank you so much!

  7. Классные уроки, понятнее чем на русском, при том что мой английский A2

  8. can you please share the Scripts as well so we can get better work project flow

  9. I love the intros you have for your tutorial videos

    They make them unique

  10. love your sense of humour and love this whole series, very helpful, thank you so much.

  11. My player is finding some invisible walls that prevents the player from running over them… i can still move backwards and the "invisible wall" dissapears when i jump with my player. but there is those walls everywhere and they seem to chance places… i mean it must be something to do with my player movement… Could this be because my characters box collider is bad somehow or what? :O

  12. lol I thought u fixed it, u forgot to put the moving platform's animation to loop.

  13. Ok first off this tutorial is AMAZING. However, I do have to say that if I didn't know the basics of OOP and class structures, this would be a lot more confusing, and I think that may be why the later videos in this playlist have lower views. I think something you could've covered earlier in the series could've been some basic OOP principles, like what classes are/how their variables and methods work together/ parent & child classes/ etc.
    Seriously though this is an insanely good tutorial, and you're a great teacher. I was always scared of getting into game development because I didn't know about the coding side of things, but this tutorial is making me want to quit my current path and become a game dev haha. Hope you do another tutorial in the future with 3D game development!!!

  14. You have no idea how much this actually helped! Thank you so much❤

  15. I'm not sure if you're making a lot of money off of these videos, but I really greatly appreciate these tutorials. They have been the most comprehensive, clear and easy to follow tutorials for 2D Unity design I have found online. Thank you for making them and I hope you make more soon.

  16. Is there a way to make it so the background music doesn't reset when you die? Thanks, anyone 🙂

  17. بهترین آموزش ۲d تو کل یوتیوب
    thank you very much it was very very useful ❤🇮🇷

  18. I noticed that the audio is just A BIT delayed. for example the jump sound, it plays after we jump by a split second, even though the code to play it is before the jump. I noticed it in my game too and I don't like it. This isn't an issue with the audio file either. Since mine starts immediately when played. Do you know if theres a solution for this issue?

  19. Can I do something for the delay when the sound effect plays? There's about .5 sec delay always.

  20. I watched both brackey and codemonkey both amazing guys but somehow your tutorial Here helped me out way more great work!!!

  21. Im a college student studying game development. Not only are you effective with teaching these with perfect brief straight to the point explanations and examples but you are also very entertaining, comedy and humour is something I always appreciate! You are my actual hero!! (My professors are teach so repetitive and boringly long.)

  22. Your animation on your platform isn't working ! I'M BETTER 😁
    lol no but I do enjoy this tutorial, it is my first one ever and it's been really educational!

  23. Hi, just wanted to say I love these tutorials. Just a question, when I jump, the audio seems to get "stuck" as it's going up. Where it'll just screech at me and only plays the correct audio on the "downward" part of the jump. I'm not sure how to fix it and I've followed all the steps.

  24. Hi, I actually came here to find out one thing, and as a matter of fact I didn't(( I got bg musik, but when I restart the scene it restarts, as well as you after the hero dies, we go into resp, and track starts playing from the beginning – how can I fix it?? keep music play continuously no matter what happens in the game. It can be a tough poin in the game and player can die several times in a row, every time track is restarted it so annoying. Goodluck to you anyway, the lesson is realy nice))

  25. If no one has subscribed yet, please subscribe

  26. thank you so much this is the most basic tutorial

  27. Dude, I really like this guide, i've been doing this game nonstop for a few days, and didn't complained for the difficulty of the thing even once, a really good guide!

  28. Like come on this guy is my favourite. He always starts the videos with jokes

  29. thanks so much man I have been watching this tutorial for a long time and i am making a game called Frog Adventure it will be on game jolt

  30. how do you make it so that the background music continues when you die?

  31. I have a issue
    I made an android game in unity with Android build setting
    Everything is working cool ,specially sounds are also working good when I use it in my computer(unity)
    But when I connect my phone to computer through usb and use unity remote app to cross check if everything is working or not
    sound is comming from computer but not from my android device can someone tell how to fix it

    I used audiomixer and audiomanager script and it is well working on computer

  32. Around 2 months ago I began studying Game Development at the University and we just started learning how to code using C# (we played around with Visual Scripting before) and I just have to say, you are a lifesaver!🙇‍♀🙌 Just by following your tutorials I feel like I am actually starting to understand this. Thank you so much! 😄

  33. Awesome tutorial, top!!! One question, when you die, if you press jump, you still hear the jumping sound – how do we correct this bug?

  34. fun thing you can do.

    you can use an AudioSource onto an enemy and make the spatial sound 3D.
    so when they're near the player, they will begin to hear the sound louder and louder until they are in the view. I put little ghosts in my game and how a small vibe sound to detect when they are near they are invisble and only appear when they are super close to you.

  35. can you make some walking sound, i really want it

  36. I was using Unity wanting to build a basic game for Windows and Xbox. So tutorials like these help me get closer to doing so.

  37. one of the best unity tutorials ever legit. I am really enjoying every second.

  38. Why multiple audio sources per object? I thought it could handle multiple clips…

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