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Squid Game: Music Edition

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Huge thanks to all of our friends!
Yena Choi
Nicole Greentree
Min Jin Sung
Phoebe Russell
Producer Shaun
Jordon He

Filmed in the Basil Jones Orchestral Hall at the Queensland Conservatorium

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  1. hearing them play piano pieces was so funny to me as a pianist

  2. Thumbs up guys for ending piece! Trumpet Haydn concerto 3. movement!

  3. Pocos youtubers me hacen reír, gracias por dedicarle tiempo a sus suscriptores guys 🥰

  4. imagine when jordon says piano pieces Phoebe starts to play chopin fantasie impromtu 🙂

  5. Does anyone know what piece Nicole was sight reading at 13:20

  6. I know I’m late but I never thought I needed in my life to hear Brett cuss

  7. Im a pianist and violinist AND I GOT TRIGGERED 👹👹👹👹

  8. Brett: Creates channel who’s main theme is on CLASSICAL MUSIC with Eddy
    Also Brett: Can only think of 2 pieces in the Classical Music period
    Brett Again: Dies 6 times

    Me: Doubting my life and everything I know

  9. Brett gets eliminated for resting one foot on the other meanwhile Phoebe rests hers on her leg the whole time 😆

  10. 11:40 this is Saint-Saens tho why did they eliminate her? (Allegro Appassionato Op.34)

  11. Amazing idea! Just a question, where’s the bubble tea👀🧋

  12. If anyones interested that’s the basil jones hall at the Conservatorium

  13. When they said 0 for piano pieces, I was ULTIMATELY, and I mean ULMTIMATELY, triggered

  14. can anyone tell me the name of the blonde hair girl? does she has yt channels ?

  15. The scene where Eddy was asking which side did the previous girl went was just too similar to that one dude asking people before him after that one person YOLO'd (literally) it- 💀💀

  16. Can you give me a link to that last song that you played

  17. It's hilarious Brett lost every single round

  18. Ok… can we all agree this is better then the series like…bruh👌

  19. This is such a treat omg 🤧 please do more video with your friends

  20. The first game would be hell for some people in my orchestra Bc there’s always this one person who goes on like 13 measures after the conductor stops

  21. 1:02 how the hell do they sound better than most school orchestras

  22. This was AWESOME you guys!!! ❤ Well done! 👏👏👏

  23. Can’t the double bass like push down and the pressure would keep them up?

  24. hello there, i dont mean to force my religion on you at all. but Jesus is the messiah. he is the lord and savior of the world. please turn to him and repent from your sins! let's worship the Lord together!! Amen! Glory to the Lord almighty!

  25. me thinking of violin vs bass davie504 vs 2set violin on tug o war

  26. in the squid sight reading, it's not fair because bass and cello have the intrument on the floor and they could just lay the weight on it 😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡

  27. Watching this for the first time in 2022 because I finally watched Squid Game after 7 years

  28. Famous last words…
    Phoebe: He’s never going going to catch us, we’re too good.

    Brett dies-

  29. love how Nicole and Phoebe were so calm in game 6 while the others were all groaning in pain

  30. definitely the most entertaining version of dvorak

  31. this was sooo much fun! now I want to play with my friends

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