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Squid Game Song | Let The Games Begin | #NerdOut [Unofficial Squid Game Soundtrack]

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Squid Game is taking over the world. Squid Game is breaking all kinds of record and quickly becoming the most viewed series on Netflix. Red Light Green Light, Pink Soldiers and that one old man make it gripping! Do you think you could survive Squid Game? If you enjoyed this video, make sure you hit the like button and subscribe if you’re new!

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Track Credits:
Songwriter/Vocals: Ben Schuller

Producer: Boston

Video Editor: EMM

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  1. Do a mother squid game music video I loved it

  2. Nobody:

    Me: Pretending to be badass while listening to this song…..

  3. Reports: Netflix CEO gets BUSTED with 13,000 files of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY…and he owns Danny's pizza gate and they make mcdonalds hamburger from the baby flesh

  4. Nice song. Love you bro from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  5. my friends know squid game i dont watch it

  6. Lyrics:
    Throw it on black watch the wheel turn round, This is you're shot do you feel it.
    Climbing cloud 9 when it's falling down, Eating your filth from the life you choose. Always gonna come back hungry
    Playing for keeps with the most to lose.
    When you look, Into the mirror Do you even know you're name, Faces all Could disappear but the past won't ever go away.
    Let the games begin, It's time to play, Let the games begin. Let the game be-gin
    Colors our fade from the broken eyes. Seeing this light turn to darkness, Holding out hope for the final prize. Let the games Be-gin
    Moving on fast to a crooked smile. Pulling these shapes from a memory. Better find quickly you're inner child.
    But you know is all the same, While you throw around the blame, Did you think that we could change. when you look into the mirror do you even know you're name
    Faces all could disappear but the pass won't ever go away. Let the games begin, Oh its time to play let the games begin let the games be-gin

  7. I wish there was a 1 hour version of this

  8. This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  9. pleassee can u make a poppy playtime song???

    (tbh its the most popular game ive seen)

  10. This should play at the end of every episode in season 2

  11. This is the perfect song for the background song in squid game

  12. The only bad thing in this song is that it ends

  13. Absolute brilliant and a twist which I never thought it was going to happen. Can't wait next year no 2. Will be buying the sound tracks. 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for me the best series😁👏👏👏

  14. You should make another squid game song but about the front man.

  15. Игра в кальмара как рыба в акульем пасте арррр

  16. ay bruh that shit kinda look like….squid game!?

  17. Love this song! Especially the part where it said-faces could disappear but the past will never go away!

  18. have time to make a squid game song meanwhile we are still waiting for the extended version on the 2020 gaming wrap up, are we even getting a 2021 one?

  19. holy shit, THAT SHIT FIRE!!!! OMG!! I LOVE IT!

  20. I'm from México, i don't speak english well but i understand many words and the song is ver good

  21. SQuid game is an amazing show I watched it 4 times

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