synthwave radio 🌌 - beats to chill/game to -

synthwave radio 🌌 – beats to chill/game to

Lofi Girl
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  1. @Marina ou @A Random Girl, si tu voies ce message, s'il te plaît, répond moi

  2. For those who want to listen to the stream look up "1 am chill session" 🙂

  3. I was enjoying the stream before it ended. Damn, hope it gets released in a different way than this because none of the other videos that play music like this don't go for this long or have a pleasing aesthetic that doesn't include a car driving away from or towards a vaporwave sunset. I love Vaporwave way too much and the car driving away or towards a Vaporwave sunset is way too much overdone I'm sick of it so it was really nice having this live stream I hope the VOD of it gets released.

  4. Where is the stream??((((

  5. Why the Stream was Stopped? I think was started again around 04.30 WIB (GMT+7)?

  6. I hope he could get some free time to finally pet his dog & touch grass.

  7. Had this constantly streaming for like nearly 2 months from my tablet and Bluetooth speaker. Hope he returns.

  8. Well it's good that you finally took a break! 😂❤

  9. Finally, the boy really finished his training. I hope she gets a good grade on the exam.

  10. This isn't good. Someone keeps copyright striking these streams

  11. bruh what? I'mma casually starting youtube to
    listen to Lo-fi study beats but now here is..💀💀

  12. What happens when companies introduce new characters


  14. I hope this channel will broadcast again soon. I love their music 🙁

  15. Всем сп ночи! Ой, по привычке написал! 😅

  16. These guys can take a such good day. Dont study 4 years

  17. Absolutely love the Synthwave radio. Though, it needs more songs cause if you listen to it a few days in a row you start noticing the same stuff.

  18. blud had a 2,000 hour gaming session

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