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Tenacious D – Video Games (Official Video)

Tenacious D
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Official for “Video Games” by Tenacious D is out NOW!

Created in collaboration with Oney Plays and Directed by Adam Paloian Chris “Oney” O’Neill @OneyPlays

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  1. It took me 8 months to realize that the “mushroom” is not a mushroom 0:58

  2. Unlike you because no bad words please next time bring a son about don’t like video games but no bad words okay

  3. Videojuegos Argentina

    the path into the abyss ( Nuevo )

    Noroi E: The Origin of Nightmares

    Tenebris Somnia

    County Hospital 1 y 2

    Blue Fire

    Cannibal Abduction




    Esse Proxy

    Fate of Kai

    Golazo! 1 y 2

    I See Red


    Nine Witches: Family Disruption

    Nobodies: After Death

    Per Aspera

    Quake Survivor

    Slender Threads



    The Ballad of Bonky

    The Cult of Chanseville

    The Night of the Scissors

    Thunder Ray

    Zombie Carnage 2


    Champions of Regnum

    Darkestville Castle

    Doorways Trilogía

    Element Space

    Fallen: A2P Protocol

    Foosball – Street Edition


    Hellbound y Hellbound: Survival Mode

    Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

    Master of Orion

    Nobodies: Murder Cleaner

    Obey Me

    Okhlos: Omega

    Pixel Survivors


    Project Nightmares Case 36: Henrietta Kedward

    Quantum League

    Reversion – The Escape


    The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy

    Understanding, The Game

    Unrest Indigo

    You Deserve

    conur life

    Roots of Pacha


    Star Trek: Infinite

    Vlad Circus: Descend Into Madness

    Bahnsen Knights

    Pretend Cars Racing

    Hayaku! Island of Darkness


    Beacon of Neyda

    Maki: Paw of Fury

    Unusual Findings


    Restless Soul

    The Sandbox

    Arran: The book of Heroes

    The Black Heart


    Pets No More

    Bulletproof Dungeon

    A simple door

    Fire Frog

    Era en un Bosque

    Goblin`s Healer

    Hammer Boy


    Rising Bullet

    Runa y el Legado Chaikurú



    The Moshpit Tournament

    Undying Heart: Sacrifice

    faltan muchísimos solo para nombrar algunos son todos Argentinos además el dibujante principal de Gta 6 es un Argentino

    en Epic Games hay otro Argentino Santaolalla que creo la banda sonora de los The last of us y un estudio Argentino esta ayudando a desarrollar un nuevo Silent Hill hay otro Argentino en EA Games ayudando en movimientos realista del Fifa 23 y 24 y bueno Latinoamérica esta pisando fuerte

  4. Why does this feel nostalgic even though it was made 8 months ago 😭

  5. I wanna squish them so bad now that they've become smol

  6. No one saw what the mushroom looked like?

  7. Remember when everyone thought Tenacious D was jack black

  8. I have not heard this song in very long time and thank God this just made my day better

  9. I always want I don’t play video games and I don’t play. Your mom and I hate my life and you smell like poo poo because you never take a shower because I saw you naked, and you look like a poo poo why did you show his penis😂

  10. “THATS NOT FUGGIN SHAKESPEARE!” got me dying-

  11. Why did I just now notice that the SMB mushroom was a dick? Or maybe I'm just dirty minded, I don't know.
    No, that's a dick.

  12. Im gonna listen to this shit till i grow bored

  13. its great that within a year we got to see jables not only as bowser, but as mario also

  14. Man if jack black made a rater R video game animated movie that would be dope

  15. Knowing Chris, I'm honestly shocked he didn't try to sneak in a reference to Final Fantasy 7.

  16. Bravooooo Toe-nay nay -D- Supa Rada mini-movie . . . Bang! Bang! DANGALEROS APPROVED! Ja Ja

  17. Bro really said gigitygigigity 😂

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