The Best Music of Flux Arcade Games 2 -

The Best Music of Flux Arcade Games 2

Giuseppe Ruotolo
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The Best Music of Flux Arcade Games 2
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  1. Hi ShanneGrenna can watch Now..The Best Music of Flux Arcade Games 3…with new music…

  2. @DarkstalkerXProducts What is The name of of the music in " The Thing " ?

  3. @CrytekZero when u're playing the game, the names of the songs in the top right corner … but sadly dnt get the songs on ares or somewhere else… sorry my bad english btw

  4. whats the one at 3:20? that one was always my favorite, I take that back, they all were my favorite

  5. You should love it, as I still play it regularly 😀

    Also, anyone know where to find the game again? It was amazingly fun and would love to have another go on it.

  6. @Tman the song at 3:20 is Zeta by Rudolf Clausius. Unbelievably, it is available on Spotify and Google Music!

  7. I miss playing this game, it's just a simple puzzle game but DAMN! the music makes you play it for hours,

    well at least that's what happened with me,

    where can I download it!??!! I want it back now!!!

  8. OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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