The Cardigans - My Favourite Game “Stone Version” -

The Cardigans – My Favourite Game “Stone Version”

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  1. What caddy it realy is? I got the backview mirrors of these. I will sell it down for ya for a shit. If you want ones call me up wantcha?

  2. Gran Turismo…… Nothing else to say ❤️❤️ they've never been as good as back then 😔

  3. пиздешь, на 70 миль закусить бровку= курить в кувете, в особености на этом тарантасе

  4. like si lo estas escuchando en cuarentena y despues que cortaste en una relacion🤨😁(no me dejen asi) AKSASJAKS

  5. Literalmente estuve buscando está canción por 5 años, por fin la encontré ❤️

  6. Good memories form the good old days. We used to get drunk to this track.

  7. Ca c'est vraiment un son des années 90, je faisais des putains de stage et j'entendais les cardigans à la radio.

  8. 2021- есть кто с постсовкового пространства?

  9. русские тоьтесть?

  10. "Non so cosa stai cercando. ma non l'hai trovato, questo è sicuro. mi tiri su e mi spargi in giro. Come la sabbia in una clessidra. e questo non è amore , vedi. non si tratta di te contro di me. il modo in cui mi vuoi tutta per te. ma alla fine sono sempre io, da sola e io sto perdendo il mio gioco preferito." il finale del video è perfetto

  11. тыб так России покаталась бы

  12. The authenticity of this video is tainted by the fake tattoo rubbing off on the car seat. It was so close, but missed the mark with the finer details

  13. Good music, but here's a hidden gem you may also like. Search "Busker's Blues" by Eda Heller.

  14. навсегда останется в виде легенды!

  15. За рулём кабриолета,я включаю Летова☝️это песня про это

  16. Ахуенно! Тут и слов не надо.

  17. I'm in another galaxy with this song ❤️

  18. Always had my questions about that tattoo and that seat…..

  19. Amen my sister having one of those blue and pink arrow dance mats for the PS1 and a dancing game that had this song on it

  20. Anybody here from Almost round 3 – Chris Haslam's part ?

  21. She was such a lovely young woman. Come over here and give me kiss hun.

  22. This takes me back to simpler time. Playing ps1 and not a worry in the world

  23. Этот клип ещё в сопливом детстве слушал, как только видаки появились😆🇷🇺

  24. На сеге игруха была с похожей мелодией!!!

  25. sorry, girl, you can live more with yours skills

  26. Still bad arse tune even in 2021 bitches 🤪👅💋🤟 xXx

  27. I live in the Mojave Desert and this is a perfect representation of how we are out here.

  28. I remember when this album came out, I was blown away. It was so very different from their previous work, and so very, very awesome!

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