The craziest game of musical chairs ever 😂 (via millana_levin/IG) -

The craziest game of musical chairs ever 😂 (via millana_levin/IG)

Dylan Anderson
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  1. Not even when my school played two grown men started fighting over the chair

  2. The fact I just watch this.. and it was another musical
    Chair … and it’s zhong

  3. Why wasn't the ending of mr. Beast squid squid game wasn't as intense as this?

  4. @Dylan_Anderson What's her name man can anyone tell her name ? 💘😍

  5. This was a lifetime event for players and spectators man… This adds a funkiness to life….

  6. Imagine having her on your team for competitive sports!

  7. No, the craziest game of musical chairs has not been done yet all u need is like 50 ppl at 2 chairs

  8. Me and my sister when we were at our old best friends bday party:
    (BTW my sister sadly won)

  9. We don’t need a narration we get what’s going on

  10. Bruh why does this even need narration

  11. She does that shit to me and I’m pushing her ass across the fucking gym lmao

  12. Alan 3 people left that's not how musical chairs works

  13. Current situation in Karnataka 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. It was the guys until the other opponent hot physical

  15. "If you want to get to that chair, you're gonna have to go through me. And you wouldn't do that, because we both know that if we fought, I'd fucking KILL YOU."
    ~This guy's mind

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