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I finally played the craziest new music game, Friday Night Funkin’! I am very late to the party on this haha. Let me know if you’d like to see more episodes of this, the game is a ton of fun! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. I love how the game decided to be Fast and Furious all of the sudden when Sam was chilling

  2. Subscribe to him to give him dance lessons

  3. You can use the arrow keys or AWSD best way to play is use both like two of the arrow keys and two of the keys from AWSD

  4. Hey Sam, you should play a game called Zeepkist it is a really fun soapbox racing game and i would love to see you play it 🙂

  5. Can you please make another video of jump king i'm begging you🥺

  6. don't play freeplay but I like the music

  7. Hay sam you should try fryday night fuking mods

  8. LOL!! no way imma play this hehe, your performance incl your expressions makes it uber cool!!🤣😎😄

  9. Here's a tip sam, when u go into freeplay and u pick a song and u want to switch the difficulty, use the left and right arrow keys.

  10. I'll give u all of the character's names. The main character u play is boyfriend, the lady on the speakers is girlfriend, the guy in the first week is Daddy dearest(ex-rock star and father of girlfriend), the kids in week 2 are skid and pump,(skid is the skeleton, and pump is the pumpkin) The guy in week 3 is pico, (hired to kill boyfriend and is boyfriend's ex) in the 4th week is Mommy mearest, (ex-rock star, mother of girlfriend, and wife of daddy dearest) in both weeks 2 and 5 is lemon demon, in week 6 is senpai, (trys to steal boyfriend's girfriend) and the last week is the newgrounds tankman himself.

  11. Plz make this a series sam, I'll give u more tips of this game as u go on

  12. We got a good beat. This Post Malone? 🤣

  13. you should watch shiloh & bros they did the same thing but in real life

  14. Sam could u play clash Royale or rl sideswipe again

  15. Hey Sam you should do the intro montage again the
    Ast one was so funny 🤣 😂

  16. And also great work on the videos jeep it up

  17. Just a reminder you can also install mods in this game

  18. Sam you should try gorilla tag! It’s a a free vr game

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