The Dream Mask Music Video Was Deleted... -

The Dream Mask Music Video Was Deleted…

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► The Dream Mask Music Video Was DELETED…

So The Dream Mask Music Video Was Deleted, Now Recently People Have Been Wondering What Happened To The Dream Mask Music Video, Did Dream get Copyrighted, Or Did Dream Delete The Mask Music Video, Now just to refresh your memory of The Dream Mask Drama, When this video first came out everyone was making fun of Dream And The Mask Song, Saying the Animation was Horrible, People made memes of it, That’s When Dream Got Cancelled For His Normal Pills, After That Dream made Tweet Responding, So Dream Got Cancelled Again, So my Guess is Dream Deleted Mask Music Video, Because of all The Drama and Controversy Surrounding it, Maybe he just thought the animation was terrible, What do you Guys Think, What Happened To The Dream Mask Music Video

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  1. Love the vids but please stop with the descriptions

  2. We waited for so long for this to come out and know its gone. what the heck

  3. Bro people called dream for saying something that isn't related to race at all lol

  4. longest name in youtube maybe probably idk ok so e says:

    Now subcribe
    Gunpoint to the head*

  5. longest name in youtube maybe probably idk ok so e says:

    Dream: one month to animate
    Animator: i need more
    Dream: animating isnt hard
    Animator: okay
    The animation: u d k d y d b f i

  6. I honestly feel bad for the animators. Yes, the animation wasn't the best but they still put alot of effort into the short time they been given (Not to mention the head animator was a 3D artist but Dream wanted it to be 2D)


  8. Hello I have a question for the people in the comments is Jadyn trans? cause I thought Jadyn was a dude from their voice but people are saying otherwise so I’m a bit confused if any one can explain it that’ll be great. Sorry If it sounds rude

  9. please get better at bedwars if its gonna be your background gameplay

  10. In my opinion Dream isn't a bad youtuber or anything just his fan base is absoulute garbage, they destroyed him and his content fully!

  11. And again, I have to remind you…


  12. He probably deleted it cuz he was sick of all the memes

  13. 3:02
    Jadyn: Casually walks over the void.
    Me a regular bedwars player: HAX!

  14. Is it me on this video has 69k veiws OwO

  15. Dream may be saying –People change like the tides in the ocean

  16. I bet he deleted it because the song was bland and the animation was garbage. It had more dislikes than likes.

  17. Hey Jadyn! I just wanted to say, your videos are really well said and you make great points! You deserve so much more and I really like your channel!!

  18. So I woke up at 4 in the morning I swear I saw it was deleted at 4 why

  19. he deleted it bc off the hate go check some tiktoks

  20. It was cronge

    It deleted the vid

  21. All the dream stans are crying rn

    Edit: Pls don't cancel me otherwise iam gonna take your normal pills!

  22. Yeah it sucks that it was even though it was not the best animated it had effort behind it and the person who animated it was a friend of cg5 and it was deleted because of hate

  23. Minecraft controversy, bruh. When will they just stop with over-dramatizing everything.


  25. Dont tell dream to get canceld one more time.🖕

  26. I know the animation is not that good but the song it self of really dope

  27. I feel bad for Dream because of making fun of his music video.

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