The Duck Song vs Untitled Goose Game - Rap Battle! (ANIMATION VS ANYTHING: CH. II) -

The Duck Song vs Untitled Goose Game – Rap Battle! (ANIMATION VS ANYTHING: CH. II)

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rap battle the duck song vs untitled goose game rap battle – animation vs anything


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This series was heavily inspired by Epic Rap Battles of History by NicePeter and EpicLloyd.

Eddiefrb as the duck song
The Stupendium as untitled goose game

Written & Directed by Eddiefrb
Edited by Eddiefrb, Matthew Thomas, Triple-Stabber & Rabi
Mixed & Mastered by Freshy Kanal
Beat prod. by Ihaksi & Freshy Kanal
Animation & Art by Matthew Thomas, BMB & Triple-Stabber
Additional Art by Dilly & Luke Reardon

Special Thanks to Joosh, JosiahGamesTV, ZodiacKiaran & Le Groose

the duck song is a children’s song written by bryant oden about a duck that repeatedly annoys a lemonade stand owner by asking him if he has any grapes. the song rose to fame online after an animated music video was uploaded to youtube in march of 2009 created by forrestfire101. forrestfire101 would later go on to make 2 sequels as well as a spinoff song “honey bear”. his other works include epic rap battles of history’s zeus vs thor and luke skywalker vs harry potter. on october 14th, songdrops acknowledged that the children’s song had become popular among teenagers in high school in a press release titled “viral youtube sensation ‘duck song’ waddling into hearts of teens.” on november 13th, whaley uploaded a sequel video titled “the duck song 2”, in which the anthropomorphic duck from the original animation repeatedly asks a woman running a corner store for grapes. on april 2nd, 2010, whaley uploaded “the duck song 3” to his youtube channel, in which the duck tricks the lemonade stand man into taking the corner store woman’s duck tape.

untitled goose game is a 2019 puzzle stealth game developed by house house and published by panic. players control a goose who bothers the inhabitants of an english village. the player must use the goose’s abilities to manipulate objects and non-player characters to complete objectives. it was released for microsoft windows, macos, nintendo switch, playstation 4, and xbox one. untitled goose game originated from a stock photograph of a goose that a house house employee posted in the company’s internal communications. this sparked a conversation about geese; the team put the idea aside for a few months until they realized that it had the potential to be a fun game. inspired by super mario 64, and the hitman series, house house worked on combining stealth mechanics with a lack of violence to create humorous in-game scenarios. the game’s unusual name came from a last-minute decision in preparing the title as an entry for a games festival, and it stuck. untitled goose game received positive reviews, with critics praising its gameplay and humor, and was named the d.i.c.e. game of the year, among other accolades. by the end of 2019, the game had sold more than a million copies.

rap battle the duck song vs untitled goose game rap battle – animation vs anything


  1. The goose is just like spy from tf2:a gentleman that makes your mom jokes

  2. Duck: roasts the living hell out of the duck😎😎
    Goose:your mom jokes🤓🤓

  3. Goose: “Nice argument, but your mom.”

  4. 2:01 You’re the anthem of middle school lunch
    That line was fire

  5. As soon as I heard the Goose speak, I immediately went "IS THAT THE STUPENDIUM?!"

  6. goose only did your mom jokes, duck wins

  7. As much as I love The Stupendium, the Duck won this hard!

  8. Goose was winning for about a second then he started pulling your mom jokes so duck cooked

  9. Duck: actually roasting

    Goose: “off to visit your mother!”

  10. Duck: Nice Clever Rapping
    Goose: Mom, Mom honkers, She my sidepiece, back to your mama

  11. pikachu is right how toothless will never be on his level


  12. Duck: good bars, creative insults
    Goose: your mom and dirty jokes

  13. Duck won, goose's part could've easily been replaced with the "Doing ya mom" song and wouldn't have made a difference

  14. People are definitely giving to much credit to the goose because He’s supposed to be annoying and it was posted on April Fools but still it’s about what is better not what seems alright because of a date

  15. If anyone thinks the duck won. Ur wrong 😑 😂

  16. Bro the duck song is annoying. Even as a kid i hated that shit.

  17. The goose sound like bubble from the Spongebob movies

  18. “You wanna fuck with duck then sir you are out of luck” hits so hard man

  19. I thought the goose was the tf2 spy actor

  20. I don’t care what yall say when goose wasn’t talking about banging his mom he was genuinely spitting some of the best disses I’ve heard in a while

  21. Yk I thought the duck won until I realized the stupendium was voicing the goose game

  22. 1:47 to 2:08 was the one goose verse that wasn’t just “your mum” and actually went hard

  23. these rap battles are cursed in the best way possible

  24. Honestly Goose won the second Stupendium started rapping. And then it was confirmed when you got Stupes to swear.

  25. Idk why the your playing the original GOOSE game face to face aint a wild GOOSE chase hits hadd

  26. God, the Duck raps as hard as Eminem.

  27. “You only leave marks when there with water” DAMN

  28. Only good roast by goose was the middle school joke

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