The Evolution of Music in Mario Games -

The Evolution of Music in Mario Games

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A look at how the soundtrack of Super Mario has evolved from its 8-bit origins to its more contemporary form.

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  1. You forgot sunshine and the rpg games. Partners in time has the best soundtrack

  2. IGN Tries It: Musical Analysis.

    EDIT: In all seriousness though, I like this! Wouldn't mind seeing more with other gaming franchises. Maybe Zelda, Metroid, or Donkey Kong Country?
    Hell, you could probably make an entire video just talking about the soundtrack in Chrono Trigger.

  3. I always thought that Super Mario Galaxy was performed by a real orchestra.

  4. Galaxy's soundtrack blew my face off, way too epic for a Mario game

  5. Do the evolution of music in Sonic games.

  6. I'd love to see this for The Legend of Zelda series

  7. Mario 64 was epic music!! Next to Mario 3 and yoshi island.

  8. You spend way too much time talking about Colour splash.

  9. I really like this idea of videos and hope you do more like final fantasy or mega man. There were a few problems (just 2 1/2) I did have with this analysis however. (incoming galaxy fanboy)

    For one, clumping Mario Kart Wii's and Galaxy's soundtrack is a crime. Those two sound tracks are nothing alike in what they intend to invoke with their music. At the very least, Galaxy's uses much more orchestrated pieces than Kart Wii. And yes they both have Midi components but Kart Wii's soundtrack uses it more. (which isn't necessarily bad)

    Secondly, I feel like you didn't mention the importance of each games' themes and atmosphere. These contribute heavily to how the soundtrack is made. A good soundtrack compliments the game, gameplay, setting, atmosphere and over all feel for each game. What makes all Mario music great is that they do a stellar job of this. Each game is unique and their sound tracks reflect that. To me, Galaxy had a feeling of elegance and epicness. You were flying around this big open space sprinkled with random planetoids. All the while your hub was like a giant ballroom. The music, in my opinion, reflected these values perfectly. Sure it didn't sound much like Mario music of old like SMB but that's because Galaxy is very different in terms of atmosphere and theme than SMB which was more of a simpler, more straightforward but awesome mushroom kingdom adventure. Both are great games they are just different. For the next videos at least mention how themes may shape how a soundtrack plays out.

    PS. Fam you skipped the best soundtrack of all, Double Dash!!

  10. IMO super mario all stars had the best in game music

  11. This video never defines what good Mario music is. Instead, it wobbles between presenting an opinion and stating an accepted fact. This just feels like faux-Vox content. I'd rather just hear a persons opinions casually, than get them packaged as a history.

  12. Smash Bros. was orchestral ever since Melee… This just goes to show that some people can't differentiate between midi and live instrumentation.

  13. You talked about Mario games music but didn't even bring up legendaries soundtrack of Mario rpg series composed by Yoko Shimamura

  14. Mario music is amazing, i listen to it all the time. Up there with Zelda & Final Fantasy as some of the best ever.

  15. Orchestral music in both Mario and Sonic is the best in my opinion 😂

  16. I loved Paper Mario Color Splash, not for the gameplay, but for all the good laugh i had.

  17. Super Mario sunshine has my favorite music all the games

  18. That Snes Mario World music ahhh to be a kid again

  19. …dude invites us to listen and 2.5 seconds later he starts talking!
    ….buddy, ease up give us at least 10 secs to hear!!!

  20. I find the Mario Galaxy Soundtrack to be the best in the series (not just saying that because Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite game in the series) . The orchestrated songs give the levels more emotion and character then simple reused tunes.

  21. Let's hear more from this Kym Dillon guy!

  22. Great video idea but I wish they'd let us hear more of the music he's talking about. He describes it, we hear 2 seconds and then he starts talking over it again.

  23. i see no problem in midi music. it's just a stylistic device nothing more… it's like someone makes music with electric guitar the other one does it with a violin… anyways nice video 🙂

  24. I like how the narrator talks for almost the entire video . . . about music.


  25. This is: A gamer with no knowledge in music whatsoever sprouting bullshit in a whole seven minute video.

  26. Why do this… talk about music and never giving us any chance to actually hear it for more than 5 seconds.

  27. This the type of guy that says dubstep isnt real music

  28. İ am still waiting and exited for the mario odyssey soundtrack.

  29. hold up super mario galaxy had the best soundtrack what r u saying

  30. Even though Super Mario 64 & Sunshine are my favorites, nothing beats the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack!

  31. I regret some of my previous comments says:

    Kirbys's Music is way better

  32. This is the video Louis Theroux would have made had he gone into videogame journalism

  33. Super Mario Galaxy music will always hold a special place in my heart 😌

  34. Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 have some amazing and memorable soundtracks

  35. decent music isnt going to save that dumpster fire from being remembered for what it is

  36. Uh cmon Mario galaxy had the best soundtrack

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