The Game - 100 ft. Drake (Official Music Video) -

The Game – 100 ft. Drake (Official Music Video)

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The Game “100” featuring Drake
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  1. I remember the 1st night I heard this…I got arrested that same night 4 something unrelated but I still fuck wit this…drake killed this

  2. Let me welcome u to the set…stay inside…Zimmerman type of neighborhood.

  3. You better not come too my funeral talking that fake shit

  4. Game is garbage, but this a cool song though

  5. My circle done got so small it's a period🙄

  6. This shit is so underrated…

    it is so easy to get youtube views & likes through Authentic views

  7. Games first was so fire he was like they wanted me to set you up shit not today…that shit was heavy

  8. Hey…remember how drake got his start as the disabily child on a teen show in canada? That shit is gangster.

  9. sa svojih dvadeset i pet godina voleo sam barem dve zene. jedna se zvala ljiljana druga je bila bilja. obe ih volim i danas. ova pesma me na njih seca. zauvek. uan lav.

  10. You dissing dri,zy thats cool but don't come to my city though

  11. Legendary . one to be kept for future generations .quality of rap

  12. Came through! I almost had my career so I didn’t need no man! They stole my transcripts all I worked for my children and everyone I loved. Arms of the angels find comfortable here… I miss you so much love always! Fuck Allah

  13. I feel like drake's verse is underrated

  14. Drake on a chorus is always Gold…and his punchlines stay relevant for years …he's sort of psychic

  15. Drake on his “if you’re reading this it’s too late” shit

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