The Game Awards Orchestra Performs Music from Game Of The Year Nominees | The Game Awards 2022 -

The Game Awards Orchestra Performs Music from Game Of The Year Nominees | The Game Awards 2022

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Watch The Game Awards Orchestra perform music from the Game Of The Year award nominees at The Game Awards 2022. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.


  1. that iteration of the GoW theme gives me goosebumps

  2. Is it available on Nintendo Switch?
    – Horizon Forbidden West: NO
    – Xenoblade Chronicles 3: YES, it is Exclusive
    – A Plague Tale Requiem: Yes, but in the Cloud
    – Stray: NO
    – ELDEN RING: Can the Switch even run it?
    – God of War Ragnarok: NO

  3. Im still malding that Xenoblade didnt won best ost.

  4. The drummer kills it the whole time also people.

  5. Beautiful, this is my dream ❤❤❤

  6. Seeing Flute guy going ham during Xenoblade was so perfect.

  7. 2023 nominees:
    RE4 remake
    Jedi survivor
    Zelda Tears of the kingdom

  8. 3:28 Look how Pedro the flute guy is celebrating after giving such a magnificent performance!

  9. even the camera man felt the oomph when Elden Ring starts playing.

  10. When the plague tale Requiem song starts it gets me goosebumps

  11. This was incredible, I cannot wait for the next Game Awards and Summer Game Fest, keep it going Kelley!

  12. God of War – Kratos – GOTY – GOD OF THE YEAR

  13. wow they butchered most of this music to make a crap compilations performance. congratulations.

  14. you know which one in the orchester is a gamer lol

  15. An Ideal world these guys should fill stadiums instead of bad bunny :v

  16. The world needs a full Xenoblade version with Pedro Eustache at the flute

  17. The flute guy : Pedro Eustache. 100% legend. ❤

  18. Elden Ring <3 Best game ever. Epic transition at 2:03 to the deserving GOTY that year. Even the cameramen felt the greatness. The orchestra always kills it such incredible performances. Can't wait for 2023. It's going to be stacked with crazy titles. Lorne Balfe is amazing.

  19. Elden Ring's music is just too powerful and beatiful. One of the best games to be ever released. Wish I could go back in time to just experience it for the first time again.

  20. what is the name of this elden ring song??

  21. this was my favorite part of the whole game awards, i really hope they keep doing this in the future

  22. The flute guy has to do the saxophone from the ToTK trailer in this years edition!

  23. The way the cat is trotting during Stray with the orchestra playing is the cutest thing ever. Out of all these games a tiny cat is included with them lol So cute.

  24. Everyone is talking about the flute guy but no one is talking about that drummer who’s having the time of his life vibing his heart out.

  25. Flute guy and drummer dude really brought it home

  26. Seeing god of war music affect even the musicians feels so hype. You can see when they play, their head are bobbin their hand are moving more

  27. Everyone talks about the flute guy going hard, but nobody mentions the drummer also going super hard in the back.

  28. El tipo de la flauta carreo a todo el equipo

  29. I love how Xenoblade COMPLETELY steals the show in this medley. GoW supposedly got the award, but the medley proves who really had the best music.

  30. THIS IS ALL FAKE, let me explain why:
    1. Wrong orchestral set up makes it impossible for the orchestral players to communicate effectively
    2. No MICROPHONES!! where is this sound coming from no over heads? You might say orchestras don't need microphones which is true, however for this hall, which is not a concert hall with good acoustics (if any), they do need mics
    3. lots of electronics makes it likely to put in tunes of playbacks in

    What you hear with the exception of a few instrument is not real. It is a shame they had to fake it when a professional orchestra can easily perform this.

  31. I just wish i have 1/10 of that flute guy enthusiasm, skill and charisma before i die

  32. Stray being on par for Game of the Year against the other games that are heavily action-based with swords and bloodshed with a huge overworld to explore, that is honestly surprising for an open-world adventurous cat game.

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