The Game - Dope Boys ft. Travis Barker (Official Music Video) -

The Game – Dope Boys ft. Travis Barker (Official Music Video)

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Music video by The Game performing Dope Boys. (C) 2008 Geffen Records

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  1. Mannnn I can't remember which game this was off of wither GTA or midnight club !! Shit was a banger when u whipping around the city

  2. I No…..The Game My favorite artist Every Time He Put Out Good'' Music……….. I Can't Get Enough This lax album

  3. The Game Is The Best Rapper Alive 🎤🔥🔥🔥 Best Rapper Since The 🐐 2pac 🎤🔥🔥🔥

  4. Anyone bumpin' this track in the East and in the Motha' Fuckin' West. Thank you The Game and Travis Barker. Miss you family. See you real soon. One

  5. I am 46 years old I don’t know when I saved this video but I’m back here listening to it again and I think it’s why girls are scared of me. I think they’re saying in their head yo dude is crazy.

  6. They can keep hatin, but we all got at least one The Game Track that is in the playlist

  7. I still respect The Game no matter what 🙏🏾🔥❤️

  8. This song brings back old debauchery memories…😅

  9. Mark Sanchez dnc Madison wheelchair clintnix logos vs chane Moline Obama Putnam changes rnc meetings logos, paranormal horse shit included … Fake white house included …

  10. Fake orange ecstasy it ads, fake 209er Steve Taylor 600.00 up to 5k

  11. I wish the game would go vegan the only reason why I'm listening to this music because a vegan guy is on this track named Travis Barker I basically wish that the game would stop murdering innocent animals.

  12. Bonjour quelqu'un c est la marque de la.casquette rouge de thé game je suis interresser merci

  13. Be young. Be dope. Be proud ~ Lana Del Ray

  14. 2023 remember when i was like 15 slapn this

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