The Game - My Flag/Da Homies (Official Music Video) -

The Game – My Flag/Da Homies (Official Music Video)

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“My Flag” is off of The Game’s ‘The Documentary 2.5’
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  1. since seattle look see i was just tryna match ^ – ~

  2. Get this money get this peace get this grip get this glitch money a Rapp uh hoe no crappin cappin no dice .u want uh gamble me two two toned too two tuff no thughin just bubblin no guns or slugs ain't got em surrounded buy white and bracket up two tuff around black c stuck in between im against all odds with half the stick and no card ..three sisxteen with no green or respect walk of death thru the valley of light thru darkness is pipe. Pint or punted minds or junted yall prime ta stunt this I call the play back yall ain't know royal riddle fiddle final fenoms. That mirror need uh track an an edge .uh chart an uh depth or uh mask an uh flex .no smash in the smidge. .snatch ass uh mess.yalll shouldn't guess or should I jump up ta up the boogie no nookie cookie or book the cookie ta cook the cap cold carry the cowards cradle.. the cackle fatal ta fix fix co uh illuminati hotty …c be the d in the dro and the drop droop. Swangin. Bass bangin.still Swangin .me against the world an universal uh ant hill be all I'm uh prisoner of war not uh pimp in distress .im uh king of the world big dawg not uh crumble on the floor ….where da money dawg get that engine on roar ..

  3. The game is the best blood from the west coast he brought the west back❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. I'm hearing on the rigs right now and the IPR vehicles that they have my vehicles?? The other babies father has my trucks?? I don't want him to have anything of mine!!OHHH NOOO!! What next??🙄🙄🙄🙄 #6ix9ine #Game #TheGame #TooshiesPalacqua ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Game needs more of my flag an rope off its 💯 err one can feel it on gang stones snakes claim you're set if you gang banging who you beef wit

  6. wow what a bunch of inerrant rappers who use the n word 10 to many times. the n word should not be in songs. anyone who calls this music or good music at that has no clue what music is.

  7. Any white boy repn the bloods has their ultimate respect no cap!

  8. Yeah, B's up C's down. This is red flag. 🤘🏿👌🏿🅱️

  9. The gayme aka stripper aka fake ass blood wack song ass Fuck!!

  10. The Crips are mad㊙️㊗️🉐🈴❤️💔❣️🎈🏮🧧☎️⏰🚘🚨🚢⛽️🚁🥁🎸🍷🥤🐧💋

  11. That's right…this is fire baby!! This bangs..yeeeee 💯♥️😉

  12. Cuh cuh Cri p💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿

  13. All these paragraphs… song slaps.. has been for years… just say so.

  14. Game & JM are the real blood & crip rapper's in the music industries

  15. Im in a gang documentary cuh raiders jaccet

  16. can we respect the fact there was literly a white farmer with a red bandana

  17. they messed up a little ty dolla sighn was a blood not a crip

  18. I ain't no gangsta period…but I've got the two biggest L's

  19. Lol, the skit at the end, the guy yelling to pull up and where to go is the one driving. Lol makes no sense

  20. The Game is Always Gangsta mode Westside Homies Bloods fellas

  21. Who is the hillbilly dude? I've seen him somewhere besides this. And isn't YG the first rapper after games intro?

  22. Whickh one the burgundy, brisom, or bamaroon one

  23. Wish I could get some bloods to take care of some crip that has been messing with me he's a ex-convict murder and he messes with me and punks me all the time he disrespects me and my family and the whole area of the complex no one will do anything because he's such a tough cookie everybody's scared I'm scared I cry myself to sleep sometimes. He makes fun of me and my mental disability he beats his kids he pushes me and I'm disabled so I can't do anything he threaten me if I go to police scared to live at skyview appts say a prayer I'd pay to see him get messed with I'm crying it's hurts my feelings he's such a debo from Friday jacks your stuff and you can't do anything because how big he is and he's a ex con murder crip sucks God help me get carma

  24. GAME is the man but I hope he quits fuckin with " bullshittin ass Wayne"

  25. bro this is confusing are they bloods or crips

  26. This bish go hard AF……how TF game fall off so hard?!

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