The Game - My Flag/Da Homies (Official Music Video) -

The Game – My Flag/Da Homies (Official Music Video)

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“My Flag” is off of The Game’s ‘The Documentary 2.5’
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  1. This bish go hard AF……how TF game fall off so hard?!

  2. bro this is confusing are they bloods or crips

  3. GAME is the man but I hope he quits fuckin with " bullshittin ass Wayne"

  4. Wish I could get some bloods to take care of some crip that has been messing with me he's a ex-convict murder and he messes with me and punks me all the time he disrespects me and my family and the whole area of the complex no one will do anything because he's such a tough cookie everybody's scared I'm scared I cry myself to sleep sometimes. He makes fun of me and my mental disability he beats his kids he pushes me and I'm disabled so I can't do anything he threaten me if I go to police scared to live at skyview appts say a prayer I'd pay to see him get messed with I'm crying it's hurts my feelings he's such a debo from Friday jacks your stuff and you can't do anything because how big he is and he's a ex con murder crip sucks God help me get carma

  5. Whickh one the burgundy, brisom, or bamaroon one

  6. Who is the hillbilly dude? I've seen him somewhere besides this. And isn't YG the first rapper after games intro?

  7. The Game is Always Gangsta mode Westside Homies Bloods fellas

  8. Lol, the skit at the end, the guy yelling to pull up and where to go is the one driving. Lol makes no sense

  9. I ain't no gangsta period…but I've got the two biggest L's

  10. they messed up a little ty dolla sighn was a blood not a crip

  11. can we respect the fact there was literly a white farmer with a red bandana

  12. Im in a gang documentary cuh raiders jaccet

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