The Game - My Flag/Da Homies (Official Music Video) -

The Game – My Flag/Da Homies (Official Music Video)

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“My Flag” is off of The Game’s ‘The Documentary 2.5’
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  1. Who is listening to this in 2021? For the OG's don't forget "Dope Boyz" with Travis Barker on the drums. Salute!

  2. 💥💥💥💥🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Der Bauer sieht aus wie Christian Bale, 2021 immer noch Fresh 😎

  4. With all my respect to rap and The Game into it i can definitely see a bunch of unhappy people in this video who got distracted by some bullshit which dragged em in and they show their suffering living their life based on choices when they were young and misguided with no father figure in most part. I hope God will give em signs of the light in the end of tunnel cuz all i see and hear is mental pain in this video of brothas who got a lot of potential. Shout out to the hood unity btw
    We need some changes and if you think i`m tripping, this message is not for you yet. I just gave a fuck, please forgive me if u can. Btw the music and style is dope I like how the beat switched!

  5. Awesome jam ! And blood's rule true shit Glad my friend a NYC Blood I met he's real to the core

  6. This shit still hard but it always bugs me how the dude drive says “pull up!” “Cut the lights!” My guy you’re in the driver seat 😂😂

  7. imagine that the Appalachian farmer is actually the boss of the gang and runs all compton

  8. 2021 someone listening to this song??

  9. A who the is that Farmer in the back ground

  10. Amish Homie the plug for tha red flannel shirts

  11. The most underrated rapper there is gets no spot light because who he is an he hasnt let money an fame change who he is at his heart

  12. Mitchy slick is a bad ass. Mitchy can do more than sell rap CDs. Mitchy can paint and do bodywork plus build those lowrider impalas in the mechanic shop.

  13. Eastside Avalon park bloods wh45p tuckson az we Bibly ckrip killa #520

  14. Teach me to blood. Hardest rider ever 🤙

  15. Who else thinks YG should be in this song his own verse or even just getting it in the backround

  16. South side Minneapolis 30’s big Luh🐾🩸🩸

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