The Game - No More Fun and Games (Sleeping Dogs Remix) Music Video -

The Game – No More Fun and Games (Sleeping Dogs Remix) Music Video

Sleeping Dogs
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Check out The Game’s brand new video for “No More Fun and Games”, inspired by the videogame Sleeping Dogs™ and produced by Complex. Watch The Game and Sleeping Dog’s Wei Shen hit the streets in this action packed music video and pre-order the videogame at GameStop for a chance to win the custom painted bike featured in this video.

Sleeping Dogs will be available August 2012 for the PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and PC. For more information about the game, visit:
Official site:


  1. This shit is dope !
    In HK you betta protect ya neck !

  2. Lil Wayne and Jay-Z are controlled by a bunch oft scientist and free thinkers? What do they want with rap music?

  3. anyone else remember wen the original version of this dropped?

  4. Bro,I'm 14 and I'm getting the game too.As long as you don't act like one of those kids that make us look bad,your pretty much golden.

  5. Well then what does? Surely dubstep or house music doesn't

  6. It would work a lot better if they had a big rap artist do it, then if they had some shing02 dude do it. I do love all my Asian rap artists, but as you said, you gotta appeal to who you wanna sell your shit to.

  7. Yeah a boss rap song and a badass game oh hell yeah a definite game to play

  8. One week bitches til it comes out! are you ready!

  9. 1:22 "Dre told me he aint doin Detox" say wha?

  10. This guy sucks. But the game is amazing! Just beat it!

  11. why the fuck is this not in the game?!!!

  12. wait im confused does (rapper) the game sucks or does (Sleeping dogs) the game sucks???

  13. Lol I was clear the first time right? I said "this GUY sucks", therefore I loved the game.

    And I did. Bought it on day 1, beat it. Really fun 😉 Play it.

  14. no THE GAME said i fuck black bitches – he means sex




    that means shit at them

    HE A RACIST lol

  15. youre just fuckin stupid dude! he just meant he rather black bitches

  16. How is this is a remix, its the same exact thing as the original

  17. sorry this song his from the documentary 8 years ago he just did a video recently i dont know why

  18. @yyxfoqj y yep. who can believe it even you showed this. And, i havent expect that i will get a cheque of $350 for surfing internet. i found it here >>

  19. So funny that they censored some words but that the clip is pretty violent..

  20. hes dressed like the homless outfit in the game HAHAHAA

  21. cause the songs from the documentary but the vid was made last year

  22. you keding me? shere in youtube top 10 eminem diss songs and see what the game say then talk plz 😀

  23. i love how he talks about everybody else like dre or eazy

  24. i wish Game would drop one more classic album like The Documentary

  25. hes doing a music video in 2012 from a song from 2005, fuckin dope

  26. The Game Bodied this He's Riding the Beat

  27. Yooo I thought this was so badass back when I was like 10

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