The Larger the Video Game the Harder its Music Gets -

The Larger the Video Game the Harder its Music Gets

Toms Mucenieks
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🌟Inspired by:
the larger the video game the groovier it’s music gets


🌟My other similar video about national anthems:
The Larger the Country the Harder the National Anthem gets

0:00 Undertale – Megalovania
0:11 Plants vs Zombies
0:27 Age Of Empires 2
0:41 Portal
0:55 Kirby
1:28 Legend Of Zelda
1:51 Halo 3
2:16 World Of Warcraft
2:30 Skyrim
2:44 Terraria
2:58 Pokemon
3:16 Super Mario Bros
3:47 Overwatch
4:07 Wii Sports
4:35 Grand Theft Auto V
4:51 Minecraft – Sweden
5:59 Tetris Theme

🌟Source: Google

Yamaha P-515
Nikon D5300
Stereo Audio Cable

Composed Yes
Tutorial created by Toms Mucenieks

Enjoy! 😉

#piano #meme


  1. This reminds me so much of that song in that Vs Shaggy FNF mod where you have to use 8 keys.

  2. me gusta este piano en qualquier momento me suscribo

  3. Actually,Minecraft was made in 2009 and published in 2010

  4. Tetris is a Russian game taht is the most popular game in the world its russian im so proud about this game!

  5. I was looking through the comments and I just got jumpscared by Tetris theme who else got jumpscared

  6. Dude your statistics are so off seriously tloz 6 mil?

  7. As a Terraria super-fan I am touched that you have included it, as its not the most popular at the moment.

  8. I liked the Kirby one<(^-^)>

  9. the harder it got the worse it got imo. Didn't even sound like the original.. But I guess that was the point

  10. the wii sports music reminds me of some stupid wii video with that music

  11. Minecraft the music that goes with it now is soothing

  12. Много готино харесвам го и харесвам мусаката са Това е в Албена харесвам го НОИ типчето по носа Това е право пенов отново на хора които не познавам

  13. Portal hit me hard when I was so good in making things in my favorite video game

  14. Also minecraft hit me very hard in nostalgia

  15. Ahh yes do you ever just grow another hand

  16. so that’s what the song was from that was looping in my head for ages, it was from Kirby, I knew it! Also your piano skills are probably the best out of most people

  17. You say Kirby (1992) and than play a song that didn’t debut til 1996

  18. bruh its so funny when the sound switches to tetris he grows another hand cuz its so hard

  19. Undertale the game is just different from the others in a good way

  20. Tetris was made 10 yeays earlier than 1984

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