The Larger the Video Game the Harder its Music Gets -

The Larger the Video Game the Harder its Music Gets

Toms Mucenieks
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🌟Inspired by:
the larger the video game the groovier it’s music gets


🌟My other similar video about national anthems:
The Larger the Country the Harder the National Anthem gets

0:00 Undertale – Megalovania
0:11 Plants vs Zombies
0:27 Age Of Empires 2
0:41 Portal
0:55 Kirby
1:28 Legend Of Zelda
1:51 Halo 3
2:16 World Of Warcraft
2:30 Skyrim
2:44 Terraria
2:58 Pokemon
3:16 Super Mario Bros
3:47 Overwatch
4:07 Wii Sports
4:35 Grand Theft Auto V
4:51 Minecraft – Sweden
5:59 Tetris Theme

🌟Source: Google

Yamaha P-515
Nikon D5300
Stereo Audio Cable

Composed Yes
Tutorial created by Toms Mucenieks

Enjoy! 😉

#piano #meme


  1. I think Minecraft was the best song and its also my favourite game

  2. OMG!!!tetris is super! Minecraft on the second? Yea i’ll take it

  3. Minecraft Sweden Kirby and plants vs zombie were my best

  4. Kirby terraria Pokemon r/b/hand mario

  5. this mans about to get all the copyright strikes



  7. Can you please do Mappy and also your really good at playing the piano 🎹

  8. in the music that you reproduced i know: Zelda, World of Warcraft and Minecraft you reproduced them super well you're super !!

  9. you play like a god.
    I can't even play the first one.

  10. the second i saw terraria i was like bro they put that game in

  11. My guy really taught his glizzy how to play for the finale.

  12. did anyone else play age of empires religiously as a kid

  13. Didnt expect Megalovania THAT low

  14. Kirby and Tetris both share the same Music
    Because their Music is a Russian Song
    And Russia is Vast

  15. When you made countries you put Soviet union to last, and now you put a Soviet game last…

  16. Undertake is the smallest game?DUDE as a undertake fan, I am truly upset

  17. Minecraft has sold more copies than tetris tho, i think he included every tetris game

  18. I think minecraft music is the best for piano

  19. This had a lot I know. Mc, Skyrim, Zelda, Kirby, pokemon, Undertale, and prob others I can't recall. Skyrim is such a good game. But mc better. Tetris too?!?! Dang. You are amazing!

  20. I'm kinda sad you didn't include the legend of zelda breath of the wild. It has such a great soundtrack

  21. Can you do roblox too it's a video game
    Song – the great strategy

  22. I like how they just grew en extra hand for Tetris

  23. Ļoti pazīstams latviešiem tada familia un vārds, vai tu neesi latvietis, un vēl no kurienes tu zini Latvijas himnu un vārdus nee tu 100 procenti esi latvietis

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