The Perfect Amiga Game Music Compilation - Over 3 hours! -

The Perfect Amiga Game Music Compilation – Over 3 hours!

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Over 80 different games! Includes game video! The biggest and the best Amiga 500 music compilation. Yes, this is the longest when using different games! Only game music, no fan made music! Most of the songs are the main title themes, but there are some in game music also. Couple of the games also include main intros or gameplay video and all of the songs have some reference to the game (static screenshots, cover image etc.). Recorded with high audio bit rate and full HD video. Amiga is what golden memories are made from!

See also a great compilation from ZEUSDAZ , over 5 hours!

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1. Alien Breed 0:00
2. Assassin 0:4:33
3. Navy Seals 0:7:16
4. Swiv 0:9:00
5. Awesome 0:11:20
6. Amnios 0:12:26
7. Body Blows 0:13:50
8. Disc 0:15:52
9. Kult 0:17:43
10. Nitro gameplay 0:20:34

11. Project X 0:21:41
12. Space Crusade 0:23:44
13: Final Fight 0:26:55
14. Silk Worm 0:30:25
15. Paradroid 90 0:32:44
16. Dogs of War 0:35:04
17. Shadow of the Beast 0:37:26
18. Flashback intro 0:39:51
19. Flashback main theme 0:40:43
20. Double Dragon II 0:42:00

21. Dune 0:43:58
22. Super Cars 0:46:51
23. Super Cars II 0:49:00
24. Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 0:51:13
25. Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge II 0:52:42
26. Rise of the Dragon 0:55:23
27. Rise of the Dragon gameplay 0:57:06
28. Speed Ball 2 0:59:06
29. Lost Patrol 1:01:03
30. Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monster 1:03:56

31. Laser Squad 1:04:40
32. Castle Master 1:06:45
33. Universe 1:10:10
34. Mega Lo Mania 1:12:17
35. Syndicate 1:14:02
36. Elvira Mistress of the Dark 1:14:58
37. Elvira Mistress of the Dark ingame music 1:16:04
38. Pit Fighter 1:16:57
39. Pinball Dreams 1:18:23
40. Pinball Fantasies 1:23:20

41. Pinball Illusions 1:28:11
42. Monkey Island 2 1:32:01
43. IK+ 1:34:17
44. Wolf Child 1:36:28
45. The Faery Tale Adventure 1:39:19
46. Flood 1:40:26
47. Cabal 1:42:22
48. Lure of the Temptress 1:43:34
49. Narco Police 1:46:37
50. Rick Dangerous II 1:47:59

51. Midnight Resistance 1:49:02
52. Baal 1:50:42
53. Hero Quest 1:52:40
54. Heimdall 1:55:00
55. Turrican 1:56:44
56. Turrican II 2:00:51
57. Cannon Fodder 2:05:16
58. Apidya II 2:06:10
59. Xenon II Megablast 2:10:30
60. Shufflepuck cafe 2:11:59

61. Space Quest III 2:13:56
62. Magic Pockets 2:15:11
63. Thunder Cats 2:16:12
64. Covert Action 2:17:53
65. James Pond – Robocod II 2:19:15
66. Take em Out 2:20:13
67. The Chaos Engine 2:22:22
68. Shadow of the Beast II 2:24:17
69. Shadow of the Beast II ingame music 2:26:30
70. Unreal 2:28:07

71. Space Hulk 2:33:36
72. The Killing Gameshow 2:38:20
73. Harlequin 2:41:15
74. First Samurai 2:44:38
75. Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge III 2:48:02
76. X-IT 2:51:02
77. Katakis 2:53:11
78. Agony 2:54:54
79. Fury of the Furries 2:57:49
80. Lemmings 2 The Tribes 3:01:00

82. Full Contact 3:02:29
83. Superfrog 3:04:27
84. Gods 3:06:38

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  1. Shadow of the Beast… Turrican… 😱😭😱😭👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

  2. Ihre Maske sitzt nicht richtig #kallemachtblau says:

    [Game over]

  3. Awesome stuff. Good for while reading and reviewing books for my channel. Awsm!

  4. Well done compilation. Missing, in my view some titles. For example, first Monkey Island. Also – and this is a really personal 'glitch' -, Speed Ball 2 is missing the initial seconds, that are really critical to get in the mod.
    Those, digital character clicking 🙂

  5. it is awesome. Do you have a flac version of this mix?

  6. I've played about half of these games and still have most of them in my collection. Tonight I noticed how the music from International Karate is very similar to Miami Vice.

  7. 23:44 : I miss the welcoming message but i'm now painting my minis angrier and grimdarker

  8. My personal favorites: Body Blows 1 (and 2), Project X, Dogs of War, Flashback main theme, Dune (also gameplay music), Speedball 2, Lost Patrol, Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Illusions (also menu music), Turrican 2, Cannon Fodder (also Recruitment music. Check my channel for modx6 version of it :), The Chaos Engine and Superfrog (all worlds). Thank You!

  9. Man, that Narco Police track is horrible! 😀

  10. Now after so many years I think I bought this incredible computer because the music capacity of the machine…, games where good if soundtracks where good.

  11. 🐱‍👤missäköhän mun Amiga on ..RIP ..

  12. True game music for Soul<3 Namaste C64<3, namaste Amiga<3 ancient Gods for ancient games🙏🙏🙏Eternal Glory for ever ever<3

  13. Great combo.. only missing Battle Squadron, Hybris and Sword of Sodan

  14. SWIV used to get left on the title screen for several rotations of that theme.
    Such a legendary game, broke some records and never got re release or put on a budget label (console versions don’t count).
    All on one disc, no loading screen between levels, just one continuous blast fest.

    Silkworms theme was a copy of the theme to an older game called Juno First.
    Silkworm was also the spiritual predecessor to SWIV.

    Nitro was a great game, I used to cheat though.
    I loved the music between races where you upgrade your car.

    That Flashback intro was great, anything Delphine touched was instantly cool back then.

    Speedball 2 got left on for the theme.
    A few years back I had the “Ice cream, Ice cream” sample as my message alert tone.

    Flood was a fun little game, very odd but great.

    Xenon 2 theme is called Megablast by Bomb the Bass.

    Magic Pockets theme is Doin the Do by Betty Boo.

    Chaos Engine music on the Amiga was the absolute best by far.

    Shadow of the Beast 2 music is astounding throughout.
    The death screen music was taken from an episode of Miami Vice.

    Harlequin was an amazing game, a substantial platformer.

    First (and Second) Samurai was an all time favourite for many on the Amiga.
    The in game sounds were brilliant.

    The Lemmings 2 theme is music from a level in the first instalment of the game.

    And we end by going “Into, the wonderful”
    I recently purchased Gods Remastered for the PS4. Very disappointed that the original theme is missing but the original game is included.

  15. nes contra+amiga lotus should be started

  16. Olof Gustafsson's work for the Pinball series is Amiga Music hall of fame material. What an absolute legend.
    And Chris Huelsbeck's Turrican 2 main theme is one for the history books.

  17. No Projectyle?!! That was the KING of Amiga theme tunes…there were 8 in one game

  18. Ei tulis edelleenkään työpäivistä hevon vittua ilman tätä

  19. Just what I needed. Thanks for putting this together 🎉

  20. Old Man Doing High Kicks Only In Black Socks says:

    Space Hulk is my favourite. Scary fucking game that would always make my hands sweat.

  21. Chris Hülsbeck with his Turrican 2 theme is on the very top of this compilation, such an amazing tune! Goosebumps every single time!


  23. 2021 and I still remember those songs when I actually had Amiga 500.

  24. Ocean kommt wieder, unter meinen Nahmen. Wartet ab. Wir Sind nicht tot

  25. This music is so inspiring. I just got a Wavestate and there are so many samples in there that can remake these tracks.

  26. All Turrican games music were awesome, along with shadows of the beast games

  27. Hey Castle Master is exactly like my video that I recorded with WinUAE. While many others have ingame video.

  28. There a 2 songs not on here that deserve to be and that's C.J's elephant antics and the amazing Rainbow Islands. OK, I can probably forgive not having CJ on here as it is a little obscure, but missing Rainbow Islands is almost illegal! All in all not a bad music collection. Definitely NOT perfect though by any stretch of the imagination.

  29. Mate you got all the best ones!!!!! First contact music is so brilliant so is lost patrol but the best has to be shadow of the beast two, I’d love to play my old Amiga again 😢 sold it for £100 in about 1997, would love to know what they are worth now 💰

  30. Never take this down, I've been using it to drive myself through freelancing work for years

  31. A lot of STE music was superior though. But the graphics were superior on the Amiga.

  32. Over 640K views! We survived the year 2020. Thanks for listening to this compilation! Like this comment to show your love and appreciation for Amiga!

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