The Power of Video Game Music -

The Power of Video Game Music

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I had a lot of fun with this one. Dog bless.
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  1. Kingdom Hearts music has been stable to my identity forever, so I get it. ❤️

  2. Metroid music is just rap music without the drum pads or hi hats

    Think about it.

  3. NakeyJakey hasn’t posted in a year and now I’m watching this for the 4th time

  4. Final fantasy 7, one winged angel, best boss music to let you know you’re f*cked

  5. Another 'surprise motherfucker' is the Nutcracker Suite in Bioshock.

  6. 4 years later and im asking


  7. The Kojima-ladder bit is even funnier now.

  8. What's the song in the last two minutes of the video?

  9. The age of empires 2 theme always manages to bring back teary nostalgia of me and my dad playing LAN straight through the night. Video games really are a beautiful art form

  10. Man gold video but it’s wack you left halo out

  11. Half Life 2 Episode 2 Vortal Combat is one of the best Video Game music moments imo. Half Life doesnt have a lot of music moments. When vortal combat kicks in and all the lights turn on when fighting the antlions, adrenaline starts pumping and you know shits about to go down HARD.

  12. i love the f.e.a.r. and half life 2 soundtrack, and my favorite is probably the quake 2 soundtrack

  13. The music in Silent Hill 2 made that game, it matches the story so so well.

  14. American Venom in Red Dead 2 and The Yarikawa takeover music in Ghost Of Tsushima… HANDS DOWN

  15. 0:31 now I have a theory that Cardo and/or Baby Keem watch NakeyJakey

  16. The "Surprise Motherfucker" moments are just SO strong, I've never played any of the three games you mentioned in that segment but I get chills every time I rewatch this video.

    Also you're dead on the money with Hotline Miami.

  17. I’m sorry I just watched this video for the first time but I fucking love you for this video I feel that crying and pissing myself when I experience the same kind of emotion your talking about I totally agree with you on this video.

  18. second time watching it, very good writing!

  19. "Wandering flame" from Final Fantasy X for me.

  20. Def jam icon turntable moves
    That Skate 3 playlist or the getting up

  21. Jakey, holy fuck!

    Baby Keem the cousin of Kendrick Lamar actually sampled Lower Brinstar Depths.

  22. Holy shit, YES! Thank the youtube algorithm for bringing me back to this video. One of the things the Back 4 Blood game was lacking was special infected audio queues! That's what made the Tanks and Witches so memorable from Left 4 Dead!

  23. – every Persona game
    – Fire Emblem Three Houses
    – every Xenoblade Chronicles game

  24. The actual Scarface game on the PS2 had a perfect sound track. Taking over territory to "Push it to the limit" was amazing.

  25. Undertale was a game that totally nailed this for me. Like, toby fox is the KING of leitmotif.

  26. The music in MGS2 that plays while you're exploring Arsenal Gear and the AI is losing it's shit. And then, the music that plays during the final codec call with the AI, is bone chilling…

  27. Wanna know another great moment where music really elevated the action on the screen? I need a hero in Saints Row 3

  28. I fucking love by the wall from Machinarium! That game was sick. So cool to see Jakey likes it too.

  29. Makes me think of the Duke’a Archives when those Cthulhu dudes put on the record that plays the maddening music that continues until you turn it off

  30. could u do a if books were games ex. idk my favorite book series All the Wrong Questions

  31. Another you didn’t mention is assassins creed 2s music for free roaming in each city. They all give off a unique vibe that makes parkouring throughout the balconies and streets that much more satisfying

  32. There’s a Brazilian game called a lenda do herói and from start to finish the protagonist sings what you are doing and it just breaks my mind

  33. I don´t think anyone would know this, but it´s still possible.
    some time ago youtube recommended a lot of people a video of the music from a game. The comments were very wholesome and the music was atmospheric. the video was of a floating islang in the sky or something of the sort. if someone knows what it might be please tell me. Thanks!

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