The Power of Video Game Music -

The Power of Video Game Music

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I had a lot of fun with this one. Dog bless.
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  1. Hollow knight's soundtrack is one of the best I've ever seen, on par with undertale and pokemon and persona. Consistently great, hype, ambient, nostalgic and emotional.
    Not a single bad piece in the entire soundtrack, Christopher Larkin is a genious.

  2. I see a lack of appreciation for bloodborne music in this comment section

  3. can’t believe you didn’t talk about minecraft music bruh

  4. Final Fantasy especially 7 have some memorable sounds

  5. I wish red dead 2 was out when he made this video

  6. Who else wants a rdr1 remaster now? Because rdr2 (campaign) was a masterpiece

  7. Honestly video game music is my favorite genre. Not only is it just super good, but like you said it never gets repetitive. I have sonic unleashed or jet set or Celeste or any game with a good soundtrack on loop for 2-5 hours.

  8. my friend's mother passed away before she was adopted by her father and one time she started to play ocarina of time and her father heard the title screen music and started to bawl. she told me later that her mother and father played it together as kids when it came out. rest in peace maria.

  9. I’m sure some British drill artist used that super Metroid beat, I don’t know it’s name or when it came out

  10. Song of Healing right in Major right after you heal the mummy dad. Chillz

  11. Hearing the music from the original Maplestory sign-in menu will always take me right back. RIP

  12. Red dead 2 had another moment like in the first where a banger song played when you least expected

  13. the Worms Armageddon OST by Bjorn Lynne is beautiful

  14. if you just here Bury The Light and Devil Trigger

  15. Man, this video is gold! My students are doing a unit on video game music. This has a lot of cursing, otherwise, I would TOTALLY use this for my 3rd & 4th graders. No shade, though. It's still good solid stuff here.

  16. Dude, can i mention the Taken King Destiny Orbit music? Holy fuck.

  17. minecraft and dark souls boss music where are they

  18. When my father passed away it was music from final fantasy 7 that got me through it. And till this day if I start feeling down about that I can put it on and it helps me deal with it

  19. Spider-Man PS4, Uncharted, Second Son, Horizon, Minecraft, and Subnautica’s music were the best

  20. I appreciate you including a song from machinarium, even if it was only for like 20 seconds

  21. Genuinely hope all is well fellow hot boy. Maintain, my mang. All love, peace, n hair cheese. Give your uncle a hug for me xoxo

  22. The Celeste soundtrack is so perfect for the game, and it was made by Lena Raine. It was so good that they put her in the Minecraft soundtrack 2 years later.

  23. Can you please make a Let’s Play channel? I would love to watch you play some RPGs or whatever you like playing.

  24. I'm a (indie) game developer. But I suck at music. ;-;

  25. Sea of Thieves needs to be touched on in this department. The music and sound design carry that game.

  26. I’m watching Jakey’s old videos because I miss him and hope he’s doing alright

  27. Look at that far cry 5 shtuff those are bangers

  28. The one that has stuck with me is C418 – Sweden in Minecraft. That shit's fucking fire.

  29. how could you forget Aerith’s theme while fighting a piece of Jenova

  30. Anything Nobua uematsu makes first…then, my God there is so many…it depends on the level of life your at, music will make a stranger impact

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