The SCARIEST Songs in Video Games -

The SCARIEST Songs in Video Games

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  1. 0:06 𝙬𝙝𝙮 𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙞𝙘 𝙟𝙪𝙢𝙥 𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩.

  2. 3:11 Sayo-nara has GOT to the one of the most bone chilling pieces of music I’ve ever had the chance of listening to. I remember playing the game blind, and holy shit- this scene still makes me shudder.

  3. Saya no uta sounds beautiful, call me mentally ill if you want but it sounds beautiful

  4. I'm glad more people know about Saya no Uta. All hail the green-haired catgirl.

  5. The real scariest songs are the one from a game that is not supposed to be scary

  6. You forgot the lockdown theme from the escapists

  7. Сайя но ута – Шизофрения имба . слушаю на постоянке

  8. The actual most creepiest song would have to be The original fire temple from ocarina of time its apparently arabic prayers but comes off as hell screaming 😱

  9. i didn't know that Saya was ost 😀 i just found it randomly and i still love this music

  10. Witch Nearby, feels like anxiety spreading☠️☠️💀💀😵☹️😕

  11. where half life 2 distorted trumpets? or anything from there?

  12. you forgot the lockdown ost in escapist 1, I almost shat my pants hearing that for the first time

  13. scariest video game music: the whole yumi nikki soundtrack.

    Tbh, its ending theme is the least scariest

  14. Why it always have to be Japanese games? Or Japanese literature in general?

  15. Schizophrenia sounds so fucking metal oh my god

  16. yume nikki has to be my fav game of all time

  17. The lockdown song from the escapist 1 should definatly be on here

  18. sayori’s death scene scared the shit out of me the first time i saw it and it wasn’t even because of the imagery, it was the music

  19. Escapists 1's lockdown music is creepy as hell to.

  20. they forgot to put the king of all of them distorted trumpets

  21. I'm not suprised Giygas was on here, but I'm surprised The Masked Man fight wasn't on here. Gave me hella chills when I played it.

  22. 0:46 this honestly gives more of a spooky vibe than scary, like something in a halloween themed game

    Spooky as in I can see skeletons vibing to it

  23. Kill Yourself from Cry of Fear is a pretty good one.

  24. You forgot mother 3 final boss that emotionally breaks you 😊

  25. Witch nearby feels like when a girl is crying

  26. CLEAN UP ON MY PANTS 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. For me, the binding of issac's song was the worst.

  28. Schizophrenia sounds like raw Norwegian black metal

  29. The original escapists lockdown was for sure scary as most of us were young and when we heard it

  30. For me, the one I remember most is The Pit/Abandoned Pit from Symphony of the Night. It just sounds like despair incarnated. Not only are you all alone but other dangers still lie out here wherever you are

  31. What about Minecraft 11 and 13 and Sonic cd Game over USA



  33. We're seriously missing "Kill Yourself" from Cry of Fear.

  34. 0:00 This one gives me suspense

    0:16 This one feels more relaxing

    0:31 Feels more like someone who doesn't know how to play guitar

    0:46 Makes me feel relaxed

    1:03 That's more like it, Doesn't scare me but it is kind of suspenseful to hear

    1:19 Load in my ear

    1:35 Ok I never found this one scary but apparently this one soundtrack scared alot of young gamers and according to a acritical rumor and some videos this simple soundtrack caused young gamers from Japan to take they're own lives, I'm not sure if that is actually true but if it is then this became more sinister to me

    1:51 Just gives me chills

    2:07 Now that is scary it would freak me out if I heard it at night

    2:23 W- Why is it even called that…

    2:39 Now we're talking this soundtrack would most definitely unsettle me even in day light

    2:55 I just think of me in the forest but no feeling of unsettlingness

    3:10 This one is more than scary it's traumatizing and pretty sad, Sayori is a character that I have a huge connection with and she had a very similar IF NOT the exact same feelings as I did so hearing the soundtrack alongside seeing her hang is both scary and sad at the same time. I'm not too freaked out though I'm not unsettled I am just sad and what adds more to this is I had a nightmare just like this with me being the one hanging

    3:26 This one scared me as a child

    3:42 That one is relaxing

    4:01 Can see how it's suspenseful but it's not really that scary

    4:16 Unsettling that's all I'm gonna say

    4:30 That is another scary track that doesn't really scare me it makes me sad like Sayori this character takes her own life out of sanity of them own selves

    4:49 Makes me feel like a bad@$$

    5:03 EarthBound's final boss the most traumatizing battle's in video game history and mind you 12 year olds are fighting this creature not any adult character these are kid characters fighting this boss and we see nothing but a red face with the soundtrack to go along with it

  35. Why do I find here we are a bop doe?

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