The Songs of Supergiant Games - Full Album -

The Songs of Supergiant Games – Full Album

Supergiant Games
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Our Audio Director Darren Korb traveled all the way to world-famous Studio Two at Abbey Road Studios in London to record the music for “The Songs of Supergiant Games: The 10th Anniversary Orchestral Collection”. He was joined by vocalist Ashley Barrett, conductor/arranger Austin Wintory, and a talented team of musicians to record the album, which is presented here with the original visuals that accompanied the live orchestral performances at PAX West 2019 and PAX East 2020.

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We All Become 00:00
Never to Return 03:54
In Circles 07:41
Lament of Orpheus 11:07
The Spine 14:56
Vagrant Song 18:28
She Shines 21:55
In the Flame 26:30
Paper Boats 29:46
Remember the Bastion 34:04

Vocals by Ashley Barrett and Darren Korb
Music and Lyrics by Darren Korb

Recording Engineer – Jake Jackson
Assistant Engineer – Matt Jones
Assistant Engineer – Andy Maxwell
Score Editor – Matt Friedman
Mixed by Steve Kempster
Mastered by Hans DeKline
Arranged by Brian LaGuardia
Conducted by Austin Wintory
Produced by Austin Wintory and Darren Korb

Flute – Anna Noakes
Flute/Oboe/Duduk/Melodica/Penny Whistle – Kristin Naigus
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet – Nick Carpenter
Tenor Trombone – Andy Wood
Tenor Trombone – Ed Tarrant
Tenor Trombone – Tracy Holloway
Harp – Hugh Webb
Percussion 1 – Frank Ricotti
Percussion 2 – Chris Baron
1st Violin – John Mills
2nd Violin – Jeremy Isaac
Viola – Lydia Lowndes-Northcott
Cello – Bozidar Vukotic
Double Bass – Mary Scully
Librarian – Jill Streater
Booth Reader – Susie Seiter
Guitar – Darren Korb
Booth Reader – Susie Seiter 

Visuals by Nate Horsfall

© ℗ 2020 Supergiant Games, LLC. All rights reserved.


  1. Hey Red. We're not gonna get away with this, are we?

  2. I am just now noticing little subtle details, such as the pause at "silence" in We All Become at the beginning, looking for more!

  3. i appreciate that a game studio puts more effort into their music than most artist's do ❤. (but then that's part of the reason why we all love SuperGiant Games),not to mention everyone else involved in this masterpiece.

  4. You could have this be an unskippable ad (technically is in a certain viewpoint), and it would still be perfect.

  5. Oh boi sorry for another comment, but I have a few things to say. 1. Oh boi Paper boats is sad and perfect. It's all perfect. 2. One time I was trying to sing Build That Wall but I said "I dig my wall you build a hole." Because I was tired lol.

  6. I love how transistor focused this was, still my fave supergiant game

  7. I will ever cry to every games ending scene and music.

  8. I love the best part of the video is on how seeing the visuals and remembering there first game.

  9. I want to thanks Darren, Ashley and all the instrumentalists for this amazing work, during all this video i had a smile in my face and at some moments tears of joy.
    Thank you Supergiant for making all these games and being one of the gratests if not the greatest developers in years, and thank you Darren for making these songs which have accompanied me in so many moments of my life.
    Thank you from the deepest part of my heart to every single person involved in any way or shape in all these projects <3

  10. To think that they don't even put ad on this collection of masterpieces.

  11. One year humming a song i did not know where it was from, and now i know is Remember the Bastion. love the soundtracks of your games.

  12. Sad that the vinyl version is no longer in stock, but bought the digital version.
    As much as I love Bastion and Transistor I love the soundtrack even more.
    And of course I own Pyre and Hades (including the soundtrack on Bandcamp) too, just didn't have to the time to play through them yet.

  13. I played Transistor after getting it for free on Epic Games Store… and I loved it. It made me buy Bastion right away after finishing it. I added it to my backlog and it stood there for a while. After all the hype Hades got last year, I decided to buy it as well, and so I played Bastion and Hades next. I just couldn't get enough of Supergiant games. I got Pyre and just recently beat it. Those games are beautiful works of art – it's the music, the writing, the atmosphere, character design, art direction, damn. I can't even decide on a favorite, they're so equally awesome. I even replayed Transistor this year so I could experience all four games in 2021. You guys are amazing and hearing those songs bring so many memories already. You represent a lot of what's so good about video games and I'm so glad I could experience them. Great work!!

  14. just checking in to note that the spine is probably in the top ten of my favorite vidja game songs ever and this does nothing whatsoever to convince me otherwise

  15. F**k me, there’s an album of these songs! Transistor…ah my heart!

  16. Awww, such a fantastic list, my favorite of Build that Wall isn’t on there, but still absolutely worth a buy.

  17. Well, now I have to replay all of this games

  18. Been following Super Giant since Bastion on the 360 as a kid and now seeing all of the well earned success Hades earned is like seeing a friend rise to newer heights. So glad to have been to help support them through this journey. Can't wait to see what comes next.

  19. One of my favorite things about what Super Giant Games does is that they give proper respect to music while making their games.
    The details, the slight variations to match the situation your playing in. Thank you.

  20. h0w the fuck does darren korb able to sing orpheus

  21. As much as I love everything Korb and Barrett have done, for some reason the Transistor songs have always stuck with me. Haven't stopped listening since the first time I heard We All Become during the trailer and I can't say how amazing it is to hear new versions of these.

    Still listening, not quite to Bastion yet, preparing to sob my dumb eyes out getting to Paper Boats and that. Thanks for everything, guys, not sure you'll ever know how much these songs have meant over all these years.

  22. I would definitely stop eating for months just to save for a vinyl of this

  23. I came here to say how Good Riddence is an amazing duet one of very few songs that can make a grow man tear up. Yet that song isn't even here, but I stayed because I just couldn't…. Unable to turn it off it's such a beautiful album. I'm beyond words now.

  24. I don't think I've been as consistantly moved by art as I have been with this catalogue. Supergiant has made more of an impact with a handful of heartfelt games than some decades-long franchises are able to accomplish with dozens.

  25. I need them on a tour, through Europe, if possible. I'd save my money to see them on any theater in 1000km range!

  26. I literally began welling up in tears at the sound of Lament of Orpheus' opening notes oh my god

  27. What a beautiful album! As a fan of all things Hades, I can't have enough of new versions such a magnificent album. Loved it!

  28. I love all of these, absolutely great work by everyone involved.

    But…Vagrant song. So different from the original, but spectacular: That point right around the key change is absolute perfection.

  29. Supergiant games: “alright we need a game.”

    The music producer: how man awards?

    The game designer: how much passion?

    The artists: HOW MANY HOT PEOPLE?! (I love it)

  30. best music best games best writing best world best everything impossibly good games they are each dreams come true

  31. Man transistor has one of the best Ost's ever made. And bastion, pyre and hade all are so good as well.

  32. …Shit, I really should play Transistor, huh?

  33. damn, I didn't expect this album to blow the wind out of me

    40:00 gave me chills. I played The Bastion when I was 7 and that scene has stuck with me for the last 11 years, the narrator's lines combined with the music and being unable to do anything because you're carrying the man that betrayed you.

    The Bastion is up there on my list for greatest games of all time.

    thank you Supergiant games.

  34. Both Ashley Barrett's voice and Darren Korb's musical expertise and genius always leave me awestruck, bringing the chance for them to work with an orchestra is just the logical conclusion to create a masterpiece.

  35. The collaboration between Darren Korb and Austin Wintory is god-like. Korb makes such catchy and effective music, while Wintory works his magic to create something truly transcendent. I stumbled across this video a few days ago and have given it a listen every day since.

  36. Listening to this I feel ever more bad after playing Pyre. My first SuperGiant Games was Transistor, a title I love to death and would easily qualify as my favourite, amazing gameplay, music, design and art direction, same could be applied to Bastion and even more so to Hades.
    Pyre was the last game I played, don't ask me why, it just never got my attention but as a fan I would have to play it and I did last month, loved the characters, design and music as always, the different story bits you could get from your choices were incredibly interesting and made me question some choices for a long time, I would say I ended the game with regrets over some (thinking about you Oralech), would have liked to see what else I could have done but I just couldnt.
    I hated the gameplay part of Pyre, it weighted me during my whole playthrough, thinking it would get better (it did to a certain extent), gave up playing on the hardest difficulty midway, I just wasnt having fun. I just wanted the story and after finishing the game I was incredibly pissed that there wasn't a new game + option, where you could just skip straight to the "good" part (for me at least). I couldn't envision myself replaying the whole game again which make me always feel bittersweat everytime I see anything Pyre related, still a stunning work but one I'll probably never redo unlike the others.

  37. I love how half of these are Transistor (fav game) and yet the best song is undoubtably Remember the Bastion

  38. 3:55 the best part of pyre, them flames are so pretty 🙂

  39. O how could I miss the vinyl…
    Please restock!!!

  40. My brother introduced Bastion to me when I was 7, since then I’ve tried to play it at least once a year. I cannot thank you enough supergiant games. For giving me one of the best memories of my childhood, for teaching me to make do with what I have, to be thankful for what I’ve earned, that tough times are never something to give up at. Thank you. Thanks Jake, I never forgot. Love you bro.

  41. I thought i had seen it all and could not suffer more after 150 hours of dying in Hades… then i just heard this version of Lament of Orpheus!

  42. The visuals in the paper boats are just stunning

  43. That Paper Boat version, THANKS THANKS THANKS🙃

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