They let ME write music for an Attorney Video Game? -

They let ME write music for an Attorney Video Game?

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Developed by Diamondhenge Entertainment

0:00 Intro
1:27 Attorney of the Arcane OST Preview EP
2:02 Spotting the Game
4:03 Courtroom Trial (Music & Analysis)
6:50 Courtroom Lobby (Music & Analysis)
8:28 Celeste’s Theme (Music & Analysis)
11:46 Outro

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  1. Can you please make a jazz arrangement of Celeste's Confronting Myself? It was the only track of the game that immediately grasped my attention with its fusion/ethnic/electronica vibes.

  2. Goodness gracious, I need to finish tuba knight before Carlos gets snatched up by nintendo.

  3. I think I can safely say you've become one of my comfort YouTubers with the gorgeous content you've made

  4. I was already looking forward to this game after I saw the trailer on the Ace Attorney subreddit and when I found out that you and Shady Cicada were working on the game and that made it a million times better.

  5. Just backed the game! I can't wait for a full release!

  6. Finally…Insaneinthegame!

    Also dope to have you and Shady Cicada on the same project!

  7. This was really interesting, I could definitely hear and feel what you where going for with each piece as you explained it. You nailed it! This is really exciting, best wishes to everyone working on this game!

  8. I got the deluxe edition 🤩 I'm excited to play when it's ready

  9. I think Paul might be havin' a stroke says:

    Finally my man is getting to compose for a game. Congrats!

  10. “I’ve got a shirt that’s all Bidoof”

  11. Congrats man. I am really happy for you, this is such an achievement. U da best!

  12. Please somehow convince the lead developer to let you be the main composer. The songs shown in the trailer…need a bit of work I'm afraid (especially that attempted objection theme).

  13. It’s really videos and experiences like this that keep me on the composing road. Video game music has always been an inspiration for my writing for all the reasons you mentioned.

  14. Flugelhorn is kind of like the midpoint between trumpet and French horn, just like the Celeste Theme is between Jazz and Classical. Amazing music, has that distinctincive touch of insaneintherain

  15. Whoa… I'd totally get this game. I've grown up with AA, and the soundtrack so far are bangers that give off DMV vibes.

    I didn't expect you and Shady to work in the same game, but I'mma be looking forward to the game.

  16. Carlos, you are so articulate- I have a better understanding of how a composer such as yourself intertwine character, emotional, functional, and plot elements in a musical context… My son turned me onto your music way back when he played me “Snowden town”….
    Since then I have played that another video game music selections to people and they were amazed they had no idea that video games has such high-quality music. I would say is equal to music written for TV shows and films. It all depends upon the quality of the composer and the performers and you are a great composer in a great arranger and great performer.

  17. Woah dude that's awesome! I just love the idea that you can make a song that conveys what a character is feeling in a pretty tragic situation . It's kind of beautiful

  18. Heyo, first of all I loved the video and love your channel lol. Your compositions are excellent and I listen to them often. But second, I wanted to ask (even though I doubt you’ll read this specific comment) a question. Im getting close to moving out to college and I know my passion is music. All the ideas of conveying stories and building up emotions through music just interests me so much. Music is the one thing that no matter what language you speak you can still understand the same feelings from the same piece. I want to be the one who makes that music, but I honestly have no clue how to go about learning. My band class doesn’t offer much in terms of learning composition, and I don’t know where to start to learn it myself. Do you have any advice on how to get started and understand the basics of composing music?

  19. Ironic I’m playing Ace Attorney as I’m watching this

  20. Congrats, and onwards! Fantastic sounding as always.

  21. Shady Cicada also made some of the music? Nice!


  23. Really cool video ! If you have the sheet music for the Celeste’s Theme, I’d be really into it ! Thanks

  24. The lobby theme has HUGE mystery dungeon vibes

  25. Love it, kinda sounds like what I want fire emblem to sound like

  26. lmao I was literally just listening to your unfinished business cover and couldn't get mike brecker out of my goddamn brain

    well I guess it's time to listen to tales from the hudson again

  27. Very professional. My guy's is like, "I make music for games now." A couple months later:

  28. Do you plan to continue YouTube in some form for the long-term, or once you get well established in game music composition (which is only a matter of time) are you gonna put all your energy into that? Either way, your community will follow you.

  29. My favorite jazz theme from gaming is number man .exes theme from mmbn 4.5 is very bussin

  30. The courtroom themes remind me a bit of the FF8 track 'Fear'

  31. I was brought in from Shadycicada and I can see that you're a MUCH more professional version of him.

  32. Oh hey its like Ace Attorney
    Well, played it last week and lose to Franz.

  33. “My name is Torney, and I’ll be your Attyrion for today”

  34. If you need a german translator with good english knowledge, then go ahead and ask me! O.O

    I would love to help on something like that! ♥

  35. If I ever get around to making my game, I'm certainly considering you mate. There's lots of music youtubers out there (like My New Soundtrack) but I know if I ever need something Jazzy I know who to contact.

  36. 8:10 Grandparents?! I’m only a few years older than you and have never used TikTok in my life (yet!) 😂

  37. I love how you managed to get the Ace attorney soul into your style

    This sounds amazing

  38. "Inspired"….. more like straight up rip and reskin. Even the angles of the scenes are pretty much the same. ffs.

  39. Really great work, I hope the project finds success!! It’s so cool how you can hear Nintendo inspirations(especially from Pokémon) in the tracks you wrote!

  40. Because you have now quit youtube will this still be a thing?

  41. When i think about jazz, i think of Casey Abrams playing a big ass bass, but also the luigi card game theme from sm64 for ds.

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