This NEW Roblox JOJO Game Is Pretty Good! -

This NEW Roblox JOJO Game Is Pretty Good!

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This NEW Roblox JOJO Game Is Pretty Cool

Sub Goal : 🔥300,000🔥

⭐ Use Star Code ‘HW5567’ When buying BOBUX ⭐

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(Join their discord, linked under their game for more info)

🎵 Music: 🎵
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Join my discord server, I have a channel for all the songs I use.
I Own None Of The Songs Used In The Video.


  1. Hw explaining how 130 ping is a lot when i get 250-300 🤔

  2. I saw this game yesterday and now he make a vid playing rhis game 👌

  3. Can anyone give me the game discord link?

  4. HW,i met this game named sunshine pretending to be you it was kinda funny ngl

  5. you so unlucky 😀 im get CD shiny in 5 time ;-;
    and i forgot i have hermit blue XD (is skin HP)

  6. HW complaining about being on 130 ping when my normal ping is literally 600-700

  7. Uh I can’t find it for some reason or I’m an idiot

  8. my first game that I played before HW5567

  9. You should try playing a legacy time its a pretty decent game. Btw if you ever get stuck in place either eat a roka or make someone trade u a roka and eat it:)

  10. if you haven’t notice the obvious similarity yet between this game and YBA,I think you are blind. In my opinion this game looks like YBA gameplay but with AUT’s animations,asthetic and combat. Obvious similarities starts off with hermit purple moveset,you can tell it’s the same (not saying they copy YBA here) another obvious one is skins relying on the shitty pity system that fucking resets if you rejoin,they call this fun btw . Another is lack of updates- sorry force of habit everytime I think of YBA,another one is specs,now I am unsure whether or not you could stack stand with spec but from what I look at,it’s a spec that isn’t from other anime and you could buy at a dirt cheap price instead of the bullshit 10k$ for one motherfucking training session with boxing in YBA. If i were to rate it,9.5/10 although maybe change the absolute fuckery that is the pity system. It’s not fun sitting for 1 hour trying to grind for a shiny then your wifi giving you the middle finger all of the sudden and shutdowning roblox,ultimately leading to that 1 hour of you getting nothing. Despite this is an early alpha,it’s actually really good. The models are good,the animations are solid and unique animations


  12. I just wanted you guys to know I had a power outage and a flood on the road that’s why I’m late to the vid sorry HW I’m sorry I missed your video

  13. This game definitely has potential, considering it's combat is pretty damn close to yba's combat

  14. Does anyone got the discord link of the game lol

  15. Ayo everyone who sees this comment. Go to the gnomed video and turn on captions and I dare you not to laugh at it

  16. i like how the game got some reference from yba


  18. I miss you content about blox fruit i support you so much even you dont see me i wana fight you and get a dark blade if i lose is okay aloneself12 name in roblox

  19. Can you please try stands online, its very unique and every stand is different and have different and cool abilites. It sounds like a cliche but its really good.

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