This NEW Roblox JOJO Game Is Pretty Good! -

This NEW Roblox JOJO Game Is Pretty Good!

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This NEW Roblox JOJO Game Is Pretty Cool

Sub Goal : 🔥300,000🔥

⭐ Use Star Code ‘HW5567’ When buying BOBUX ⭐

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(Join their discord, linked under their game for more info)

🎵 Music: 🎵
Intro Music:
Intro Music 2:
Outro Music:

Join my discord server, I have a channel for all the songs I use.
I Own None Of The Songs Used In The Video.


  1. Thanks for playing the game, HW! I’m a moderator for the discord, and I love seeing new people enjoy the game, we hope to grow it even further!

  2. Woah, shit. That game looks sick, definitely’ll be trying it out.

  3. they should add jinx to stands i think i think i think

  4. This game is like if project menacing and aut have a baby
    But tbh tho the game looks so cool

  5. It was my birthday yesterday and I like your videos and keep it up HW


  7. "why am I lagging" 130 ping I play on that ping all the time and don't notice anything because I am so used to having to play n on 300 ping and can still play really well

  8. Ok im gonna start a game to find out how name (idk his name) using the hint in the about section of his yt account

  9. Can someone reply at this comment and tell the link?:D

  10. This game is like when yba and jjch had a baby lel

  11. Ngl but every jojo game he plays always gets private’s after

  12. one of the modelers of your game go to my school

  13. 69 subs on your channel let's go you gotta lost something sus

  14. when the world posed i died of the edits

  15. HW5567 Can You Revisits My Jojo Game There A Yasuo And A Minigame There My Horror Game,My Storyline Game And Much More Can You Revisits It Please?

  16. y the only good anime games on roblox is one piece and jojo

  17. it has alot of potential i hope they add stand evolutions soon and sp

  18. The combat looks smooth, and I'mma play it rn.

  19. do u use roshade and if you do what settings are they because i want to know pls lol

  20. Tbh if you haven't already, you should legit ask them to make it so pity saves because that is some major league BS… I don't get why they have it so the pity will just disappear like that when you switch servers or get kicked cuz of them shutting down the game.

  21. please add the link for the game in next video or this one bcuz I can’t find it

  22. The world model seems look like crusaders heaven tw model.

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