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Top 10 Android Rhythm Games (UPDATE) | whatoplay

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– Updated list of all rhythm-based mobile games for your Android phones and tablets.

Ranking of the top-rated rhythm games released on the Google Play Store. Tap to the beat, follow the music and reach for the best score in these music or dancing #Android games.

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  1. Who else played hinotori rhythm before muse dash

  2. Lmao why is gd world there but not the real gd game?

  3. Ok- all i see is complains about love live not being there and other rhythm games you like, hatred towards bts, etc… come on…i expected decent nice comments

  4. Can i play other songs on the bts game? Or there is other games that i can play with songs from my library??

  5. u had me in the first haft but then it went to shit so fast. piano tiles? bts? fucking BTS? big disappointment

  6. Im Going to list you a better one
    1.BanG Dream!
    2.Project Sekai Colorful Stage
    3.Love Live All Stars
    5.Project Diva (Avaible on Nintendo Switch And PS4)
    7.Dance Rail 3

  7. When I seeg eometry dash world: …… Geometry dash is just so ducking hard unlike geometry dash world

  8. Me an otaku and a kpopers see this as an absolute win OwO

  9. Not because i hate BTS but thats BTS game is trash .

  10. 10: geometry dash
    Me back there: are u seriousssssssssss i play gd

  11. Another really fun rhythm game is rhythm doctor for steam (it's not for Android/ios) this game is really underated

  12. How TF BTS the number 1 I don't hate BTS but there are better games ya know?

  13. Geomery dashis not a rhhym game

  14. Btw, Geometry dash is not a rhythm game 🙂


  16. 10. GD is not a rhythm game. It's a platformer game.
    9. yep that's a good one
    8. another good one
    7. you're going on the right path so far
    6. nice job
    5. best idol rhythm game ever but your speed is too slow 🙁
    4. what. the. fuck. you pretty much just failed a song
    3. i'm pretty sure more than half of the rhythm game community have never heard of this game and with the don't touch flowers rule it's more visual based
    2. i've played it before and it's basically cytus + story
    1. i have never been more disappointed
    recommended: ahem
    dancerail3, a dance of fire and ice, phigros, voez, love live, project sekai, deemo, overrapid, osu!droid, bandori (bang dream jp server), groove coaster

  17. Bang dream is the best(for me)
    I mean, they have like 35 characters to love. BTW they have an anime called BanG Dream!/Bandori so if you watched the anime you'll definitely love the game

  18. Ofcourse, BTS. Only armies agree to that.
    I dont agree to the 1st place .-.

  19. Does anyone know a game where I can play a song from YouTube?

  20. me:searching for multiplayer rhythm games
    the video reccomends me on 1st place is bts?? but i dont even listen and never liked bts before..

  21. NGL this top 10 is bias. Next time when doing this don't based in score. It is best to base on your experience and enjoyment. There's a lot better than your top 1 like Project Sekai, orzmic, Phigros, MUSYNX, VOEZ and etc. (I don't have any problem BTS). Plus there's no BTS superstar in app store, Im using QooApp it is unavailable.

    I will give this video 4.5/10.

  22. Im a kpop fan and a weeb but….why bts??? Ok ama leave-

  23. Geometry dash is not a rythm game. I am sorry to say

  24. Thank you for this but 70% of this video recommended games I have play them!
    BTW I love your background theirs a photo of Neko Chan!!!

  25. what is this shitty list it looks like they made the list backwards

  26. As a Rythm game veteran I am offended and will probably throw a tantrum
    I haven't even heard of a bts rythm game and it already looks like it sucks

  27. geometry dash isnt a rythm game. its a platformer. Also its robtop. not robotop.

  28. Can I ask a question? Can you choose your own song in Arcadea?

  29. I have a question, how the hell the bts game thingy became the 1st place like gosh

  30. my opinion : i feel like bandori (BanG dream girls band party) should be on 1st or 2nd as when you play it gets really addictive but still my opinion bandori is on 1st

  31. • ᴋ ᴀ ᴡ ᴀ ɪ ɪ ᴅ ᴇ s ᴜ ɴ ᴇ • says:

    I can't believe piano tiles overbested Bandori like- bruh
    And BTS on first place? What a joke. I don't hate the game just the ranking

  32. Meh i hate superstar. ALL OF MY CARDS WERE GONE AFTER I DIDNT OPEN IT 🙅🏻‍♀️😒

  33. If you have video suggestions for us, please comment them here! 🙂

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