Top 10 Legendary Video Game Main Theme Soundtracks -

Top 10 Legendary Video Game Main Theme Soundtracks

NexaTerra Tech
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My most favorite video game main theme songs of all time ❤❤❤

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  1. assasins creed rouge also has the same track as assasins creed 2

  2. So. How do I say this nicely? Where the FUCK is the Halo theme?

  3. Missing fires of war from shadow of war

  4. Interesting choices, always glad to hear new stuff I haven't heard before. Only played hitman 2 from this list, but I like the sleeping dogs one the most.
    My list would probably include:
    Anno 1800 Robber Baron Suite
    Red Alert 2,
    Halo 2
    Rome Total War 1 (Menu Theme), and
    Battlefield 3
    Goes to show we like what we play~

  5. Gta San Andreas and Assasins Creed are only legends here

  6. Assassins creed 2 gave me so much nostalgia that i feel dizzy now

  7. Where the fuck is John marstons theme ?
    Or just the RDR theme in general?

  8. I only have one problem with this video…..just one slight issue….WHERE IS DOOM?!

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