Top 10 Music Based Video Games -

Top 10 Music Based Video Games
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These games instill rhythm right through to your soul. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Music Video Games. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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  1. I swear at least SOMETHING in the Patapon series better be on this list

  2. I swear at least SOMETHING in the Patapon series better be on this list!

  3. I swear at least SOMETHING in the Patapon series better be on this list!

  4. I swear at least SOMETHING in the Patapon series better be on this list!

  5. I swear at least SOMETHING in the Patapon series better be on this list!

  6. I swear SOMETHING in the Patapon series better be in this list

    Edit: I can sleep peacefully now

  7. Rhythm heaven fever should have number 1 in my opinion

  8. Glad to know I made an appearance in the final clip from Rock Band, with the stolen clip from TPGS. I'm the drummer in Misery Business.

  9. Just Dance would be on Top 10 than SingStar. Because SingStar was unusual music game. If you want to sing, just buy a karaoke player.

  10. i play guitar hero 3, guitar hero world tour, osu, phase shift, project diva, and rocksmith 2014 on pc, idol master, love live, opsu, malody, bang dream, cytus, cytus ii, piano tiles 2, guitar flash, beat evo, and more on android + rock band unpluged, rock band 3 and k-on on emulator

  11. Holy moly, I was caught of guard when they mentioned Rhythm Heaven Fever. Finnaly, someone remembers that Rhythm Heaven exists

  12. no Taiko no Tatsujin!!!! good list other than that 😊

  13. Just Dance may have to be the best video game I ever played, period

  14. My deslike for forgotten Bust a Groove and put Just Dance in honorable mention. Fuck u! 😉

  15. Guitar Hero has the better soundtrack per game than Rock Band, and GH World Tour allows you to put in custom songs, which, for me, means playing the entire Ocarina of Time soundtrack with the rest of Evanescence (outside that one time we did it in a benefit concert for the Clinton Foundation in our hometown of Little Rock, but I digress).

  16. Rhythm Heaven should be way higher. It's an outstandingly creative game.

  17. there was a game i played once that had your character shoot beams of light out of your eyes every time you hit the right key on the right beat it was very strange but i don't remember the name of it

  18. No Gitaroo man? Not even as an honorable mention that's cold

  19. Did anyone else think that the chameleon in PaRappa the Rappa' looks like the Johnny Depp character Rango? LoL

  20. What the? I was pretty sure osu takes the first spot the whole 9 minutes
    This video actually earns more dislikes 😂

  21. There is no way that Just Dance is only an honorable mention…absolutely no way!😠

  22. no Project Diva?!
    no Taiko No Tatsujin?!
    no Beatmania?!

  23. 7:36 just dance is honorable mention how could you

  24. The people who says "where's osu!?" should give WM a break because they literally mentioned it's ANCESTOR, Elite Beat Agents…. Smh…

    proceeds to "bash" videos that doesn't even mention either of the two

  25. Really? Parrapa but no Bust a Groove??? 😡

  26. I'm Sorry but Guitar Hero 3 should've been here not 2. I'm just saying Three had better note sync and flow. Gh2 was good but not better than 3.

  27. Video: Never shows JSaB, Geometry Dash, Osu, and Beat Saber
    Me: ASSHOLES!!! WHY!!??

  28. Osu
    Beat saber
    Just shapes and beats
    Where are these games

  29. No Guitar Hero 3 🙁
    Where's Audition Online?
    Where's OSU?
    Where's Pump It Up?

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