Top 10 Worst Pieces of Video Game Music -

Top 10 Worst Pieces of Video Game Music
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Close the door, turn the volume down a bit and breath deeply, cuz this is gonna get annoying, fast. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Worst Video Game Music. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’ve chosen the soundtracks in gaming that are regarded as annoying, horrendous and just unbearable to listen to. Our choices are based on a mixture of fan-votes, their global infamy among gamers, and our own personal choices. Prepare your earplugs people.

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  1. Why I no one talking about the resedent evil 2 one XD

  2. MVC2 ost was godbody I still remember songs from this day. Not every fighting game needs an 8-bit rock sample and dark chords

  3. Holy shit, guys. Aside from the top 3, there is way worse music out there than what is on this list.

  4. Sonic being on the thumbnail for a ‘worst video game music’ video just shows how this channel doesn’t care about video games and is just doing it for the money

  5. The problem with the Crazy Chocobo theme is just how much the lyrics and genre clash.

  6. I think they were a little too harsh on the Chocobo

    That shit was funny af

  7. 8:34 This soundtrack would be great in czech Cartoon called "neighrbours Pat and Mat".

  8. If only y'all knew about the Game Boy Advance version of Metal Of Honor Underground. The entire soundtrack would have at least made the honorable mentions.

  9. That Text-to-Speech National Anthem disturbed me (a little).

  10. "I don't like basements, they make me feel unsafe"

    Mansion basement:

    "I don't like basements, they make me feel stupid"

  11. I'm not even sure crazy bus qualifies as music.

  12. I disagree entirely with Crazy Chocobo. I find that to be a good song. Not "good at being bad" or anything like that but genuinely good.

  13. Why is Sonic Spinball in the thumbnail? That music is awesome, Toxic Caves is my jam

  14. Worst video game music ever residents evil 2

  15. I swear to god if the Hong Kong 97 music isn’t here

  16. That claim about the composer of RE DC's soundtrack being deaf is actually false. He lied to escape the embarrassment

  17. you dont appreciate the marvel that is the Options music in Sonic Spinball.

  18. why dont you shut up and let us appriciate the annoyingness of it and we caN PLAY IT FOR OUR NEIGHBORS JEEEESES

  19. Alternative title

    Top 10 ways to chop your ears off

  20. The yoshi music sounds like that for a reason. It’s meant to emulate the feeling of children playing the music, which I think they do well. It sounds like you have a bunch of toddlers instruments, which is kind of what they were going for.

  21. "A choir of geese???!"

    Try farting clowns!

  22. >Yoshi’s New Island

    I don’t think I need to say anything
    Except, HOW DARE YOU!
    That song is ADORABLE!!

  23. I never smoke it on accident..i done it and done deliberet

  24. the yoshis clan section is the best part of watchmojo

  25. #9 reminds me of a video i saw recently, "lowest rated game on steam". a racing game called "flatout 3".
    this game apparently would pick random music from your "my music folder"…but during that video, it picked…
    "arabic nokia" ringtone!
    #3 wow, that's even WORSE than the original Yoshi's island music!

  26. I actually like everything on this list except for 3, 1 and a few of the honorable mentions

  27. Honestly surprised that Boss Theme form SMB2 wanst #1, nor did it make the list or even honorable mentions

  28. You don’t understand, these are some of the greatest masterpieces game tracks ever created.

  29. I cannot believe the Crazy Chocobo song is a real thing. That was fucking hilarious.

  30. Crazy Chocobo was awesome though. I mean you're riding the mischievous badass version of the yellow bird. What did you want to hear? A Demi Lovato song?

  31. So Bethesda made the NES terminator game. That explains everything.

  32. Why do you use footage from World of Longplays? Their quality is shit!
    Crazybus music is actually randomly generated, as well.

  33. Jeez this channel sucks. Hands down one of the worst channel ever…

  34. #1 Fairground Music from "Goat Simulator" 😱 🐐

  35. No Rocky and Bullwinkle on NES? Christ that was suffering manifest

  36. The crazy bus title screen was used as the kill level theme of NES Godzilla creepypasta story.

  37. im pretty sure the crazy bus theme is random musical notes. thats why it sounds bad

  38. So cool ,death metal song for chocoboo 😇

  39. Number 1: Every Single Piece Of Music and Sound Effect In Sonic Spinball

  40. Anything from the GB version of Mega Man II
    Also, the frog song of soul from Links Awakening though that was meant to be bad

  41. 9:54 its supposed to make you feel stressed out, which it does very well.

    still not as bad as crazy bus

  42. Sonic chronicles dark brotherhood may sound different, but the music is great. it isnt infamous for being bad. the track you said was bad sounds real good. Even the goddamn back to the future music sounds good. screw it. the whole list is incorrect. you guys just dont know music.

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