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Top 100 Nintendo Music

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►I do not own any right to any of these songs, all rights belong to Nintendo™◄

This is my top 100 favourite Nintendo Music. Please leave a like if you’re enjoying the video and subscribe if you want to see more. It is much appreciated.

Please Note:
• My opinion is different than yours, please don’t me mad if you disagree with my list.
• My opinion might change over time. That means that future lists may be different than this one.
• I have not played every Nintendo game released. So I don’t know every song. So feel free to suggest some songs in the comments!
• My list is heavily based on nostalgia, I like music more in games I like, this also works the other way around.

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  1. not a single kirby soundtrack here
    this is disappointing

  2. this has an excellent collection of music and i am glad i found the video. i would caution you though that the amount of splatoon and pokemon sun & moon themes is a bit too high.

  3. Have you not heard Xenoblade music before?

  4. No Kirby, Xenoblade, Kid Icarus… Truly a sad day.

  5. This is amazing!! Made cleaning the house much more pleasant. Also, I LOVE the additions from Super Mario Land for Game Boy… that soundtrack slaps. Awesome memories from my childhood!

  6. Remix 3 is faaaaaaaar not as great as remix 8 or lockstep, or munchy monk 2, or love lab, or space soccer, or DJ school, or…

  7. this is awesome 😀 kinda miss Yoshi tracks tho

  8. You missed many good Mario Galaxy themes such as Good egg Galaxy and Gusty Garden Galaxy at 48 is disgraceful. Overall it was pretty list I would have changed some of the songs but that's my opinion.

  9. just to say that having Mario galaxy in the 48 th place and so little music of this game already distorts the top. Add to ca 0 music of the metroid license and you will see that the author of the video is not credible

  10. Somebody really liked Splatoon 2 and Zelda: Twilight Princess

  11. Number 10 is labelled breath of the wild theme but it is clearly super Mario odyssey’s credits

  12. Splatoon try not to make a horrible trash song challenge (impossible)

  13. For me tetris, pokemon and mario bros are the 3 best nintendo song

  14. A lot of zelda tracks. Only 2 galaxy tracks is a crime . But, overall not a bad list.

  15. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Breath of the Wild totally earned it's Place as #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. What about DKC2 or Super Metroid…?

  17. Wtf There's not a single Metroid song, really? What was I thinking who made this video? prime has one of the best Nintendo soundtracks

  18. You should've called the playlist "98 Splatoon songs and 2 of Nintendo best songs" I get you like splatoon and it is your playlist, but splatoon music isn't nearly as good and popular as Zelda and Mario, and even other classic franchises that were ommited like Kirby and Starfox.

  19. Alternative title: How to get 100 copyright claims from nintendo

  20. Too much nuttell this guy, where's the classics of n64 goldeneye, pokemon stadium, diddy kong racing, zelda majora's mask and ocarina, mario kart 64, etc

  21. u used the wrong music track for number 43 that’s the mk8 rainbow road theme lol

  22. The Mario odyssey theme is labelled as the Botw theme

  23. Some of these weird songs (I'm looking at you 1:30:15 ) really should have been replaced by Gourmet Race or any other Kirby classic, and then this list would have been perfect.

  24. Acid hues is a banger. I’m only at this song as of posting this. If the music gets better, then I an in heaven.

  25. Super Bell Subway’s theme honestly sounds like a Booster Pass Course

  26. Bethel Lutheran of Saint Clair Shores says:

    Nice list but I am sensing a lack of various Nintendo franchises. From Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Wave Race, Advance Wars, and Kid Icarus to Excite, 1080 Snowboarding, Sin & Punishment, Golden Sun, and Wario Land.

  27. I like the list but feel it is missing some key music from franchises like Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, and Punchout

  28. Not including Mario & Luigi Dream Team osts is a crime

  29. Eu Desde Criança,Que Eu Sou Fã de Jogos de Vídeo Game da Nintendo,e ao Mesmo Tempo Que Eu Jogava Eu Também Ouvia,Escutava as Músicas,dos Jogos e Até Hoje,Eu Ainda Gosto de Ouvir de Escutar Essas Músicas dos Jogos de Vídeo Game da Nintendo.😀😃😄😁😆😅🤣😂🙂😉😊🤩🤗🤭🤔👆☝👍👏🤝🧒🧑🙅🙆💁🙋🙇🤷🏡🎮🎼🎵🎶💻📺🎥🎞📽🎬

  30. I'm going to ask calmly. Where is jump up superstar.

  31. Great mix, except for the annoying Splatoon OST

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