Top 13 Game of Thrones Soundtracks Mix (Seasons 1-7) -

Top 13 Game of Thrones Soundtracks Mix (Seasons 1-7)

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Game of Thrones is an amazing show (for the most part) with an equally amazing soundtrack, so I compiled all of my favorites throughout every season so far and put them in a single video with visuals to go along, enjoy!

0:00 -Reign
3:17 – The Tower
5:45 – Against All Odds
10:20 – Mhysa
14:08 – Blood of My Blood
17:36 – No One Walks Away From Me
19:45 – Home
22:15 – Truth
25:45 – Goodbye Brother
28:55 – Finale
31:25 – A Lannister Always Pays His Debts/The Rains of Castamere
34:15 – The Winds of Winter
37:45 – Winter Has Come

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“Behind every favorite song, there is an untold story.”


  1. The Winds of winter soundtrack gives me chills

  2. Tower, Truth and the Finale are just so good🤍 I wish Queen of Justice and Mother of Dragons were added to this one , that’s epic

  3. Be With Me and The Iron Throne are good too.

  4. The one series I never skipped the intro of. Because the thrill used to start right there – the music, the map – it'd always absorb me into Westeros. And then it wasn't me watching the screen anymore, instead watching it all live, in person.

    And then when the series came to a disappointing end, I was looking for all kinds of excuses to justify that it was good – and yet I knew that my world that I had built inside me for over seven freaking years had collapsed thanks to such a poor imagination. Why? I don't call it the end. I just wish they redo it.

  5. Wonderful epic songs. What a genius talent is Ramin Djawadi! Hurry!

  6. Twilight Got 5-8
    Having a kickass Soundtrack

  7. 2021 : still listening to these precious gems

  8. Forget the trash series, just buy the books, pray GRRM finishes them within his lifetime and play this soundtrack. At least one aspect of the series turned out great! It wasn't a total waste of time…

  9. The fact that light of the seven isnt here hurts me

  10. NGL….I Binge watched the Show in 2 Weeks…Yet I feel cheated and Dissatisfied by Season 8…Only can Imagine what people were going through who had invested like 9 fucking years to watch such a shitty Conclusion…

  11. The Tower climax part gives me goosebumps every time. I can visualize the whole scene and it just gives the chills.

  12. Such a legendary show. Died in a pathetic way. Seriously the characters and the actors who portrayed them deserved better🥺💔

  13. A música que eu gostaria de ouvir em House Of The Dragon… Reign!

  14. Against All Odds just serves to remind me how Daenerys went to save everyone and fucking moron Jon got Viserion killed 🙁

  15. The quality of the music and special effects correlated inversely with the writing I guess.

  16. Against all odds is my favourite ☺️❤️🔥🔥

  17. you can hate how the show got botched up… but you can't hate Ramin Djawadi's masterpieces!

  18. The winds of winder and the tower is my favourite

  19. And to think they had this all set up to be absolutely incredible and let us all down as the entire White Walker threat was destroyed unrealistically in less than one night and half an episode, with few significant casualties, little death, zero visibility, ridiculously unrealistic drama and a stupid ending… (Night King literally waiting… waiting… waiting for Arya to somehow sneak past the entire army and leap out of nowhere like an eagle in the night and murder the threat that took 7 1/2 seasons to build up… when all the Night King had to do was sit back and keep himself safe to win.)

  20. The last song is called “winter is here” and not winter has come, that’s a different one

  21. Love these choices – "No One Walks Away From Me" has such a twisted torment to it, "Truth" has so much emotion, and "Finale" is one of my favorites because it reminds me of Cleopatra/Daenerys. I wish she had been developed to her full potential as a ruler, I think she could be equally as powerful as the male rulers. I wish we could have seen it, and with Grey Worm by her side. Maybe the new series will have something along those lines. That's about the only complaint I had about the ending.

  22. D & D didn't completely understand the assignment but at least Ramin did = A+

  23. 28:55
    The only good thing about this series finale was this soundtrack.

  24. Debido a la nueva emoción por haus of the dragon. E venido a revivir la emoción con los temas de GoT 🐺

  25. Where the hell is light of the 7

  26. Light of the seven is the best song in GOT can’t change my mind

  27. I love Winds of Winter ❤️❤️❤️……

  28. It turns out that crying for 40 minutes straight leaves you dehydrated.

  29. Got soundtrack, the only thing the show will be remembered for

  30. "Reign, Mhysa, Blood of my blood and the Final" 😍All of the theme sound tracks of Daenerys Targaryen.❤️🔥 Love this forever. This is totally a great music world. ✨

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