Top 3 Rhythm & Music Games for Oculus Quest 2 EXCLUDING Beatsaber -

Top 3 Rhythm & Music Games for Oculus Quest 2 EXCLUDING Beatsaber

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For new Quest owners, the first game that is recommended to them is Beatsaber. Here’s 3 other Rhythm games which are just as fun (and in some cases, better!)

Tutorial on Custom Synth Riders Songs:

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00:00 Intro
00:32 Smash Drums
02:13 Synth Riders
05:09 Pistol Whip
07:44 Outro


  1. Hey all! If anyone wants to join a Synth riders multiplayer game, comment on this comment!

  2. Before I watch a second of the video.. oh ooh I know pistol whip and synthriders..😂

  3. Thank you so much for including Synth Riders, Dan!

  4. Anyone checkout the new co-op mode on Warhammer yet?

  5. I was a die-hard beat saber fan at one point, but now synth riders holds the top spot for me – by a country mile because of the extra movement involved. Just ticks all the boxes for me. Always bugged me that the oculus store always seemed to push beat saber heavily and not really showcase synth riders or the other rhythm games. Certainly not to the same degree anyway.

  6. Always remember 2 multiplayer lobbies is 2 more than any other game that’s not beat saber btw 😉

  7. If you want, to make the aspect ratio of the recording to fit the screen, use side quest adb.

  8. Thanks for including Smash Drums! We are super excited for release this month 17th June!!!

  9. Good morning. There is also Ragnarok but pcvr.

  10. Please try audio trip and you will know what’s the dancing rhythm game should be made with very immersive stages and very serious maps created by pro dancer

  11. Synth Riders is my fav game. Celldweller's Into the Void song, Expert Level, 360+ is pure fire!!!!

  12. I'm so glad you excluded beat saber, I thought I was just gonna get 2 😂

  13. Pistol Whip is my favorite game on oculus and I can't believe more ppl don't play. 🙌🏾 MORE APASHE! MORE!

  14. I seen one that you were about to play a keyboard…i cant find that game anymore and don't know the name. Does anyone know?

  15. I just played synth riders today after thinking it was some garbage quality game. Damn I was wrong

  16. Pistol Whip is currently my favourite VR game. I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards it’s soundtrack but the blend of music and psychedelic visuals along with the on-the-beat shooting is very addictive

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