Top 5 Game Day Hype Songs -

Top 5 Game Day Hype Songs

Max Grabel
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  1. Top 10 hype songs:

    1. Thunderstruck
    2. Seven Nation Army
    3. Trophies
    4. Stampede
    5. Welcome Home
    6. Levels
    7. Power
    8. Brand New Draco
    9. Act a Fool
    10. El Chapo

  2. Bro bought a dj board to press buttons and mime songs incorrectly💀

  3. How is the meek mill song in there..

  4. That's no turntable it's a damn Coleman tailgate grill?

  5. This guy has never played sports a day in his life

  6. Lose yourself is the best hype song of all time

  7. Soldier by Eminem is so underrated, it’s a better pump up song than lose yourself

  8. ᕼᑌᗰᗷᒪE Iᔕ TᕼE ᗷEᔕT. ᗯEᖇE Iᔕ TᕼE TEᗩᗰ ᕼᑌᗰᗷᒪE.♛

  9. Mine
    1: F—umean ( by Gunna)
    2: EA ( by Young Nudy ft 21 savage)
    3: Drip too hard ( by Lil Baby ft Gunna)
    4: Knife talk ( by Drake ft 21 savage, project pat)
    5: Nevada ( NBA youngboy)

  10. In my opinion the best hype song is “all I do is win”

  11. If you were actually DJing you would know that you have to move the fader

  12. You forgot about Roy Jones Junior baby

  13. Don't take the mark of the beast on the right hand or forehead, the 666. Dont praise satan or any satanic symbols.

  14. The best part is his teddy bear holding his prized Yugioh cards 😂

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