Trixie Mattel - Video Games (Official Music Video) -

Trixie Mattel – Video Games (Official Music Video)

Trixie Mattel
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Artist Management: Producer Entertainment Group

Music & Lyrics: Elizabeth Grant, Justin Park
Music Production: Nick Goldston
Distributed by: PEG Records, Warner Music Group via Alternative Distribution Alliance

Executive Producers: Ryan Aceto, David Charpentier, Jacob Slane
Video Director & Editor: Nick Goldston



  1. lol my weird step grandma plays the autoharp too and I want her to react lol

  2. This cover holds a very special place in my heart cause it’s mine and my boyfriend’s song. We’re a long distance relationship and whenever I hear this song I imagine him with me. I love this cover and I want it to play at my wedding 😭

  3. I've just discovered Trixie's music and I gotta share that it will probably be the only music I'll be listening for a while! Thank you TM X

  4. I just love this version of the song soooo much more than the original one. Make me see Trixie so handsome out of drag.

  5. Ok but this as the soundtrack to this brokeback mountain story but one of them is a femme dragqueen and it has a happy ending

  6. Ngl I like this better than the original 🙈 don’t come for me

  7. Ya know when Johnny Cash sang Hurt, and like slayed it so hard it became like his song. Yeah I've listened to this for a year, and Trixie has done the same for me anyway. Love Lana for sure , but this is perfection.

  8. This song feels like a bittersweet memory and I can't figure out what it is

  9. what an amazing work! i love this and i love you trixie

  10. you are an icon you are a legend and you are the moment now come on now

  11. im french and im very 😭because im not very big possibilité i see trixie but this musique help me because is beautiful
    TRXIE i love you and thank help me accepted my transgender ❤❤❤💋💋💋

  12. so FIERCE

    Edit: Trixie can I play this for my first dance at my wedding? I'm not kidding in the slightest.

  13. Can you believe Lana covered a Trixie song?

  14. omg what a beautiful voice, I'm in shock. this cover much better than original

  15. ok. now I showed it to my husband and he also said that it is better than the original

  16. I love your version of this song. When it's comes to the part 'I tell u all the time,' i'm like, "im not going to cry!"

  17. Wow. Why am I crying listening to this. So beautiful 🥰🥰🥰😢

  18. Y'all I play this song way too much someone send help

  19. I have autoplay on because i was drawing and i stopped to draw the second I heard her voice, i am literaly sitting here for three minutes with nothing but goosebumps. I dont know why but this made me so emotional

  20. I’m in a depressive episode and this was the first thing in days that made my heart feel lighter. Thank you❤️

  21. I would really love to have this on vinyl…

  22. Will I hear this at the Novo this Saturday😍?

  23. It is utterly amazing. Sad, happy, tranquil… beautiful video too. Love you Trixie..

  24. I have to buy some of your music. You have a great voice and the songs touch me. THank you again Miss Trixie

  25. I’m sad, I’m drunk,I’m looking for something. I’m paused for the moment. I’m satiated with you on a playlist. Thank you for the sustenance. Your sad rag name should be seratonin eyeliner..

  26. Think thinks cover has taken a place in my heart over the original; hot damn trixie you are becoming a bit of an idol to me with your success and your aesthetic really love it all.

  27. I came here to know why trixxie is in Queen of the Universe thos song shows how talented she is brava 👏👏

  28. Has this video won awards? It deserves awards!

  29. The only disappointment was when I realised I was already at volume max 🙁

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