Trixie Mattel - Video Games (Official Music Video) -

Trixie Mattel – Video Games (Official Music Video)

Trixie Mattel
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Artist Management: Producer Entertainment Group

Music & Lyrics: Elizabeth Grant, Justin Park
Music Production: Nick Goldston
Distributed by: PEG Records, Warner Music Group via Alternative Distribution Alliance

Executive Producers: Ryan Aceto, David Charpentier, Jacob Slane
Video Director & Editor: Nick Goldston



  1. Listened to this for the first time after an afternoon at the lake with my fiance, bbq dinner, chilling on the couch while playing our games and a glass of rose… perfect, magical, will always remember it. Thank you Trixie.

  2. Today was the first day I listened to this song and saw the music video. I wanna cry 😭

  3. te amo loco sos lo mejor q le paso a mi vida ahre

  4. So f*ckin gorgeous <3 can we just have a whole album of trixie doing epic covers? Ill pay top dollar

  5. I will never forget the release of this video. It was my birthday and this was the first thing I saw. I love Trixie and Lana so much! And for Trixie to cover one of my favorite Lana Songs, and one of my favorites songs in general, I was living! Best birthday ever. Will comeback here on my 20th 😀

  6. I wonder what Lana thinks of this?!
    Has she ever mentioned it in interviews?!

  7. I didn't know Lana went blonde.
    Btw amazing original cover

  8. This arrangement is far superior to the Lana version. I love it. And Trixie has better lips 🙂

  9. The scintillating eye ectrodactyly steer because shop ultrasonically strip lest a paltry design. legal, brawny pizza

  10. It's the whistles that did it for me. Like a John Wayne movie scene

  11. ive always loved this song but coming from lana it reeked of white girl daddy issues (as always) trixie gave us the gay cover we DESERVE

  12. this was unexpected, haunting, beautiful. I'm sad but i'm happy to have Trixie in our life xoxo

  13. This was playing at the dispensary i was in this morning so naturally i searched “Video Games country cover.” pleasantly surprised lol

  14. I just bought my first autoharp and I’m waiting for it to arrive in Australia from the US. I’m so excited to learn to play.

  15. a staple in my Spotify playing alongside the original version, simply brilliant!

  16. Have you heard of the angry video game nerd

  17. Nobody can say Trixie Mattel didn't write this

  18. Please trixie this is so beautiful thank you

  19. If you asked me to describe what beautiful is, it would match a description of Trixie Mattel.

  20. words cant describe how much i love this

  21. Kids, this is Lana's rich stepmother who not only likes video games
    but also streams them.
    – US History class

  22. Tracy Martel lip syncing to Trixie Mattel’s Video Games is a world class historical moment. Better be in the books

  23. Trixie is giving me country bumpkin peg Bundy

  24. You made it, Brian.
    We are all so proud of you..
    Thank you for the ride of a lifetime.

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