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TUNIC – Memories of Memories | Reacting To Video Game Music!

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  1. Tunic’s soundtrack has always been “lofi beats to adventure to” in my mind

  2. The whole TUNIC soundtrack is like 3 hours long, and it's an ethereal experience the whole way through. The game itself is very unique, i think it's a must play.

  3. I first listened to TUNIC’s music while playing the game, it’s such a good ambient track that, while I can say that I definitely noticed it and it made the experience better, I didn’t think much of it outside the obvious bossfights and the very nice and homey track sunset breakfast.Then I listened to it all the way through on a plane ride back home, through some noise canceling headphones.After that experience it has become my definitive favorite soundtrack of all time, finally knocking Super Mario Galaxy off the pedestal it’s sat on in my head for almost 2 decades. It’s so difficult to describe how or why this soundtrack works, other than it just feels… complete? Like each individual song can be taken out and analyzed as its own fantastic piece of music, but through the entire album I felt more like I was listening to one longer, continuous song about the story of an adventurous fox. Without spoiling the game (seriously go check it out, it’s absolutely fantastic), the music could not fit better for the atmosphere the game provides, and it was instrumental in making me want to solve everything the game put in my way, leading to eventually translating the game’s language myself and truly doing everything it has to offer.If you have a chance to, play the game, and see what the music means to you after it’s over. It’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for any other game!

  4. TUNIC….. makes me feel a lot of feelings. Feelings that I thought were long dead inside of me, feelings that I thought I'd never get to feel again, TUNIC genuinely and authentically makes me feel like a kid again: happily playing a new video game and exploring the world of said video game on a beautiful sunny sunkissed afternoon.☺😊💖😄

  5. I started to feel my alpha wave when the track comes to end. Impressive.

  6. I didn’t really love this at the time, but within 2 seconds it a re listen it’s clear how memorable this is

  7. I absolutely love this game. It's a great "late night with the SO" kind of game, just vibes, a bit of excitement, and very easy on the eyes and ears. This song in particular is my fave, too, funny enough lol love it to pieces

  8. I recently played through Tunic for the first time like 2 or 3 months ago. Having only seen its reveal trailer when it was first announced, I went in expecting a cute, fun, Zelda-like adventure with a little fox dude. Tunic is so much more than that. I became absolutely obsessed with it the further I got in. Absolutely fantastic game. It knows how to perfectly play to your nostalgia in so many creative ways while adding touches of modern game design all the while being a master class of subverting your expectations. I highly recommend Tunic.

  9. I can't even tell you how beautiful this Game + Soundtrack is. It's a timeless gem.

  10. I've recently been playing through tunic, its great. It gives a childlike sense of wonder, cause the whole game is all about exploration. Zero words, just incredibly atmostpheric. Gameplay wise, its an old 2d zelda game, so theres actually quite a bit of combat. Its simple/easy, but punishing. This is for the beginning zone, so its a tranquil song.

  11. TUNIC is… a lot of things. It's definitely trying to capture some very ethereal feelings, so the music is at home in this style of open-ended and mysterious synths. That feeling of mystery is honestly one of the most important parts of the game, but its juxtaposed against this cute little fox guy in, well, a tunic. A lot like Link from the Legend of Zelda. To be perfectly honest, though, it's one of those games that's just kind of a whole package, and is hard to explain without showing what the gameplay is actually like or having someone play it themselves.

  12. Tunic has some really good music. They all have this whimsical and mysterious tone to them all. It’s perfect for this game as there’s lots of mysteries and lore that we the player are unaware of. Definitely recommend listening to more of the games ost

  13. I indeed have a special playlist of tunic ost to help me sleep in train. My two favorite with this kind of atmosphere are 05 Redwood Colonnade and 48 Ruin Seeker, and in fact not only to sleep i actually really love them in general

  14. A Tunic is a kind of clothing item. The main character is wearing a tunic. I highly recommend playing the game, but there's not much that I could say about it that wouldn't be spoiler, and it's one of those games that plays best unspoiled.

    What little I am willing to say is all stuff you'll know within the first 5 minutes of playing: The main character is a fox wearing a green tunic. You wake up on a shore with no instructions and need to explore the isometric world to progress. The world looks beautiful and is brightly colored with wonderful atmospheric music. You begin with no items, not even a stick to protect yourself with. Figuring out even what your goals might be is part of the game's challenge. You very quickly discover that the local language doesn't use our alphabet.

    EDIT: Replies to this comment might contain spoilers.

  15. I 100% recommend Tunic, especially if you like the old 16 bit isometric action-RPGs, because it's very heavily inspired by them — especially Legend of Zelda. It succeeds brilliantly at evoking the old 16 bit era SNES role-playing games in all of their aspects and all of their glory. It's a very simple game that hides incredible depth and complexity beneath the surface, and there are so many surprises hidden within. DO NOT spoil yourself. This is a game you need to play blind and unspoiled, else it'll completely ruin things for you. It's one of those games that every little aspect of it is designed to be discovered on your own, in your own time and at your own pace, because knowledge very much is power.

  16. Tunic is one of my favorite games of all time!

  17. The TUNIC music is some of the best, it is great! Glad to see it here

    edit: properly emphasised TUNIC in its status of transcending nounhood.

  18. Really loved your analogies for this track, especially the last one about it dissipating when you touch it. What a beautiful way to describe it, most of the songs are kinda like that in Tunic. The game and ost are a gem!~ ❤🦊

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