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Upbeat and Happy Pop Background Music For Videos

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🎵 Timestamps:
0:00 Energetic Upbeat Pop
2:15 Party On
5:03 Pool Party
7:28 Summer Time
9:42 The Future Is Yours

🎵 Music Playlists:

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  1. After 3 years, I finally found this again! Amazing 🙂

  2. My brother is headbanging to this relaxing song 💀

  3. excuse me, permission to use this sound for my video, i love this music. thank you💚

  4. Thank you very much. I love it❤

  5. And ill also just say im not changing nothing i just want to let you know if i dont use it its because i need something faster

  6. Permission to use this music for my video thanks

  7. So if i use this music, will i get copyright? Or we have to pay to use this music? Please explain.

  8. Pwede po ba syang i screen record para magamit sa background music?

  9. In my school i am in like a team with people who are students just like me that does ava stuff like in the morning we set up the PA system and whenever there is a school hall briefing or performance we usually set up the projector in the control room and everytime i do PA duty in the morning i always wonder whats the name of the song so yeah after like 3 months of finding this song i finally found it!🎉😂

  10. Permission to use this as my BG music in my channel 🙂

  11. Can I use this music for my video?

  12. Hi, is Summer Time available for me to use for my video?

  13. U're music is so good.
    Permission to use po for my video compilation. Thanks in advance

  14. permission to use this for my video presentation thank you

  15. even tho its almost halloween or christmas, i am still listening to this song lol

  16. Thank you so much! this will definetly help my channel!!

  17. I'm here tomorrow I'm going to the host for the first time of life

  18. hi Bud, permission to use your background music, like it.

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