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I like music, especially the quality one from masters of this instrument. I am working hard and learning alot so that someday i will also have a high quality in my music.
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30 Jan 2001
English, Slovenian

Music, freeruning, FPS games

Very special picture
Photo 1

Recieving gold plque award by Mr. Zoran Rakić.

Photo 2

Qualifications for accordion games in Slovenia.

Photo 3

Prize at the Rutar Competition in Austria by Aleks Rutar.

I am Blaž, a slovenian accordionist who started to play the diatonic variation of accordion back in the summer of 2009. In the beginning it was just me playing a little and having fun, ofcourse i practiced a bit more for competition or public performance but not too much, it was only at the begining of 2014 when i started practicing and performing seriously, probably because i came to realise how much this instrument and music actually mean to me and i wanted to show my way of performing and share the fun i have with people that listen to me when i perform. I dont have a preffered style, i play music pieces that i like and try to interpretate in my own way, there is still a long journey ahead of me but hopefully someday i can become a great musician. I am a student of a private accordion school with my father Martin Težak as my mentor.

This video shows how nervous i can get on the stage, however once you are on stage you have to focus on the performance alone, and that is exactly what i am doing here. Ofcourse practice is important and a cruicial thing but once you get on stage your nerves can fail you, thankfully i remained focused.

This video is special for me because i never before spent so much time practicing, messing up, feeling frustrated, repeating smae tones hundreds of times etc. for just one music piece. A part is also that all the work payed off in the end.

Image 1

With the president of Slovenia Mr. Borut Pahor.

Image 2

Junior International Champion in Canada 2016.

Image 3

My bigest award Junior Accordion Champion 2016!

I was born in Novo mesto in 2001 ...

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