Video Game Legends Rap, Vol. 2 - "Villains" by JT Music -

Video Game Legends Rap, Vol. 2 – “Villains” by JT Music

JT Music
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Heroes got the spotlight first…now it’s time for the villains!

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  1. Shannon Rickards Gaming and army men says:

    You forgot the army men tan Leader He's basically a character that would burn army man and stuff

  2. God I wish I had the instrumental to this

  3. They call you the Returners? Well, there ain't no jester meaner –
    Kefka Palazzo is one vile son of a submariner!
    He turned a World of Balance to a most ruinous one!
    Step to the God of Magic? Run, run, or you'll be well done!

  4. It's time you face the False Dreamer
    Hope you ain't a heavy sleeper
    Here to spread the Corpus disease
    Worst illness you've ever seen
    You've come so far
    But now you fall, oh mighty Moon and Star, Nerevar
    So are ready to face Dagoth Ur?
    The Sharmat of the Dunmer

  5. It been ai long that I have played and beat all of these games

  6. My favorite line would you kindly make the choice to get the fuck out of my way

  7. I'm not the good guy, if you couldn't tell!
    I maybe bad but, I do it so well!
    I'm half the reason, these games even sell!
    Don't call me evil, I'm just out for myself!

  8. He's just your not ordinary teacher.
    He's your ruler wielding reaper.
    Answer any questions wrong, he'll show you hell.
    Not even silver quarter can save you from his bloody ruler sell.

  9. Villains & Games:
    Verse 1:
    Shao Kahn/Mortal Kombat
    Andrew Ryan/Bioshock
    Verse 2:
    Dr.”Eggman” Robotnik/Sonic
    Grave Mind/Halo
    Verse 3:
    General Shepherd/Call of Duty
    Big Boss/Metal Gear
    Ganondorf/The Legend of Zelda
    Verse 4:
    Sephiroth/Final Fantasy
    G-Man/ Half-Life

  10. Some villains I want in a future villains rap (Coming in 3241) would be:
    Baldi / Baldi’s Basics
    Flowey / Undertale
    William Afton (Purple Guy) / Five Nights at Freddy’s
    Bendy / Bendy and the Ink Machine
    Marx / Kirby
    King K Rool / Donkey Kong
    King Pig / Angry Birds
    Siren Head
    Dimentio / Paper Mario
    King Dice (Or) The Devil / Cuphead
    The Neighbor / Hello Neighbor
    I would make a cover of this with these guys but I have absolutely ZERO talent in music other than singing along and humming.So I probably wouldn’t be able to come up with the best raps

  11. Gman is not evil, i think.
    He is helping humanity with hiring gordon.

  12. People: what’s your favorite music, mine is (famous music)

    Me: mine is uhhh…….it’s the same 🙂 definitely nothing else

  13. A leader scorned, a woman lost
    Now she doesn't care about the cost
    Not love home or friendship
    Can ever erase the hardship
    Broken cold and lonely
    Lilly seeks survival only
    Living in a world with the walking dead
    Can easily get inside of your head

  14. If your going to do something, do it the best you can

  15. This was amazing, but where's William Afton?

  16. Big Boss wasn't a villain in the end. He belongs in the heroes rap. Also, the call of duty villain, he's undeserving of this list.

  17. Is this song available on Spotify?
    And if not what is it going on Spotify?

  18. Wait a minute… you forgot genocide frisk

  19. Why did they choose the flood and not the covennent

  20. Springtrap be like am i a joke to you

  21. Only disliked to remove the 666*checkmark*

  22. "Don't call me evil. I'm just out for myself."

  23. I might just be the only person who came back to this after so long

  24. “Never forget them”

    “They still made the other half of your childhood”

  25. Even 6 years later, still a goated song for gamers

  26. Ayo wtf, why is Ryan considered evil if Fontaine is the true mastermind behind the Rapture being shit?

  27. liv and maddie ftw roblox noobs ftl 1 says:

    Where's doctor cortex, he's so evil, he illegally experiments on the inhabitants of wumpa/n.sanity island!

  28. Where is Ridley, dedede, wolf, or mewtwo? But other than that, this is ONE OF JT’S GREATEST SONGS

  29. When is there gonna be a part 2 to this lmao this was awesome

  30. I would've personally had Bowser (Mario), Eggman (Sonic) Ridley (Metroid), Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda), Xeinanort (Kingdom Hearts), Heihachi Mishima (Tekken), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7), GLaDOS (Portal), King K Rool (Donkey Kong), Dark Matter (Kirby), Metal Face (Xenoblade), and Giovanni (Pokemon).

  31. Is the G-Man even actually a villain? I thought he was just sort of an interested third party.

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