Video Game Legends Rap, Vol. 3 - "Indie Games Rap" by JT Music -

Video Game Legends Rap, Vol. 3 – “Indie Games Rap” by JT Music

JT Music
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Video Game Legends makes a return after a two year hiatus. A lot has happened since then, but he emergence of the indie game has been hard to miss. So we dedicated the next VGL to Indie Games!

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Video Game Legends Rap, Vol. 3 – “Indie Games Rap” by JT Music


  1. I have bendy and the ink machine on my Xbox one

  2. ilove this song its all the video games and opps its a rap hehehe

  3. Gaming legends ah the good old days 👉😢

  4. Mmm hunk of man meat 🤔 JT might want to redo that line if you get what I mean

  5. Love the song the best part of the song is fnaf

  6. The little nightmares rap is dangerously underrated

  7. I forgot little nightmares was a indie game.

  8. Ima try and make an indie game I am going to learn what makes them good, put in a good story, try and make it game theory worthy and make it about puppets like show down bandit

  9. "BORISE WHO THE HELL OPEND YOU" will never not be funny

  10. I feel like Chara is underrated. Shes my favourite character

  11. The best Thing about this song is that every game they Have made a rap for actually gets a reference to its beat. Like for undertale and little nightmares. Hope you understood, english Isn't my first language😅

  12. "What would you do if you could manipulate time" I swore he was talking about Life is Strange…

  13. Been a while since i heard this i remember memorising the lyrics

  14. The songs right there were a bunch of memories made from all of these games and this is my favorite song

  15. Pretty good but kind wish you included ddlc tho…

  16. Internal injection truly here under God Louy$lugz says:

    Semag Senoj

  17. An explosion on the ship, crash-landed on the Rim,
    Out here living ain't easy (not the cook, I was fond of him!)
    When Randy Random calls the shots, better keep some supplies on your llama,
    Because if everybody dies, "well, that's just all drama"

  18. "And their happy hearts are full of LOVE" you know what LOVE is in undertale… right

  19. Is it concerning that I don’t know two of these games?

  20. Which video game do you think is the least popular?

  21. the FNAF part was my favourite bit of this whole song but i still think its still a awesome song I'm a big fan of u JT music I'm going to shout u out on my channel

  22. Who else remembers when this first came out

  23. Dan Bull shirt… I respect that XD

    Out of all the games referenced in this song, I've only played one: Little Nightmares.

  24. “Don’t need a big name to break the mold”
    Most of these games: Top best sellers

  25. JT music самый лучший
    Из России

  26. That’s right three years past and you still love this song admit it

  27. 2021-2022 if you're still listening to this your a legend

  28. Bendy Vs CupHead Vs Sans Vs Freddy please

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