Video Game Music for Studying 19 -

Video Game Music for Studying 19

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Reuploading this video because the original VideoGameMusicPlaylists channel was deleted.

I plan to continue the videos that were started by this channel, so if you have any suggestions for songs in future videos please let me know!

0:00 Professor Layton &UF, Minicar
03:08 L.A. Noire, Menu Theme
08:09 Poly Bridge, On the Road
11:13 Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem, White Sage
14:45 Yoshi’s WW, Sponge Cave Spelunking
17:44 Undertale, Asgore (Orchestral Remix by Rob Platt (Pl511) )
21:48 Xenoblade Chronicles X, X-BT3
26:25 Okamiden, Underground Ruins
30:36 Rayman 3, Curious Globox
36:24 Pokemon OR&AS, Verdanturf Town
38:57 Paper Mario SS, Sticker Museum
41:49 Triforce Heroes, Water
44:27 Cave Story, Moonsong (Remastered)
47:02 Age of Empires 2, Pork Parts
50:08 Poly Bridge, Track 4
52:04 Child of Light, Bolmus Populi
53:27 The Last of Us, Main Theme (Piano vr. by Rob Platt (Pl511) )
56:29 Xenoblade Chronicles X, Ocean Theme (Night)
59:28 Okamiden, The Goryeo
1:04:05 Fire Emblem The Sealed Sword, Distant Utopia
1:08:28 Rhapsody A Musical Adventure, The Wanderer
1:11:28 Yoshi’s WW, Scarf Roll Scamper
1:14:29 Terraria, Jungle (Orchastred by Indie Orchestra)
1:16:42 Skyrim, Ancient Stones


  1. This is sooo relaxing~~ aahhh! NoIcE

  2. I thought that the first song was Dark Cloud 2 Veniccio but it was just created by the same person ^^;

  3. Wherever you are, whichever assignement you're been doing, remember, there is always people like you. It's okay to be depressed, just don't let yourself to stay depressed, and make your life good for it. By listening to this music playlist, I let all my feelings flow away…

  4. been listening to these mixes even back then the original channel was still around. And i still do. Because they're some of the best around.

  5. I keep returning to this playlist for the first track.

  6. The Age of Empires music instantly puts me in the shoes of starting a map and trying to build up fast enough to defend against the person I'm playing in multiplayer who's gonna try and rush me 0_0 But I love seeing it included!

  7. The nostalgia induced from the Age of Empires II soundtrack hit me like a brick wall oof

  8. first time hearing professor layton music, it is so similar to dark cloud, makes sense though…level 5

  9. Thank you for this music. I was able to write for fun through the whole video. : )

  10. The verdant mattock supposedly rescue because mandolin july possess near a crowded attention. learned, nosy budget

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