Video Game Music - How to Create a Timeless Theme - Extra Credits -

Video Game Music – How to Create a Timeless Theme – Extra Credits

Extra Credits
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What makes a melody memorable? Is modern game music as catchy as the chiptunes of gaming past? We explore some of the key composition elements that are found in all great video game music.

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(Original air date: September 22, 2010)

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♪ Intro Music: “Penguin Cap” by CarboHydroM


  1. I have made a game like pubg, means open world exact pubg but unfortunately I have given many jungles and radio mines around the area but the main theme is copy cat. The halo reach main theme.

  2. Note: Music, especially pop music, compared to now, was much more varied and unique. Depending on the definition of better, it might've been. At least I can't find any good new songs to replace all the AC/DC, Metallica and Iron Maiden from my playlist.

  3. Ahead of it’s time in terms of halo theme recognition

  4. 4:05
    Video : Starts Playing SMW Overworld Theme.
    Me : Holy Crap He's Right.

  5. wtf with the cat piano the piano make the cat go MEOW with screw in the cat tail

  6. These songs give me full body goosebumps

  7. I… uh… have never even heard the Halo theme until now.

  8. i guess this is why the prologue song from firewatch sticks with me. it’s really simple, just piano and guitar

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