Video Game Music - How to Create a Timeless Theme - Extra Credits -

Video Game Music – How to Create a Timeless Theme – Extra Credits

Extra Credits
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What makes a melody memorable? Is modern game music as catchy as the chiptunes of gaming past? We explore some of the key composition elements that are found in all great video game music.

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(Original air date: September 22, 2010)

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  1. You just need to examine the Sly Cooper Soundtracks to show great progression in the worlds

  2. Who has seen 4 chords by The Axis Of Awesome?

  3. I didn't even play Metroid and hours after watching this video I caught myself humming that melody.

  4. I instant sub after you mention John Williams.

  5. The Roblox game “Entry Point” has the best music for a Roblox game

  6. if there is a game in which the soundtrack the gameplay and story are all ballanced, i would say that game is celeste
    the composer of the songs (other than b-sides) was given thier own minecraft DISC for the new nether, and even so if the b-sides were not coposed by her, they are still really REALLY GOOD

  7. I’m not familiar with the home alone tune ;;

  8. For a memorable song that fits perfectly with it’s placement check out the “memory” songs from Super Paper Mario after you experience that game you’ll see why

  9. Everyone's asking about undertale and I'm here like they didn't even mention warcraft 2

  10. how many copyright claims did this video get?

  11. I assure you, the Sonic tunes are still very catchy. I have them blaring in my head 90% of the time.

  12. I am so upset that you used Mötley Crüe as an example of bad 80s music.

    0/10 video ruined, would not recommend

  13. 0/10 didn't talk about the game with the best music. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

  14. Undertale does both, every time and it's amazing

  15. The World Ends With You enough said. starts playing the final boss theme

  16. Me who’s starting to get into fighers because of Guilty Gear’s music.
    As a new person to the world of gaming, the music here is phenomenal.

  17. I literally screamed "Oh my god" when Still Alive began playing Nd started singing…

  18. I was never a Zelda fan but the music makes me so nostalgia because of the cartoon trailer playing before the Mario tv show

  19. Portal end song are litterly my 2 favorite songs in the world

  20. Literally had to sit here well after the video just to finish singing Still Alive.

    Damn you! 😆

  21. I recomment you guys trying out Touhou Project. It has a really iconic music. The guys who makes them literally made the game to make music. And it's beautifull!

  22. Would I rather go back to the 8-bit era? The answer is YES!

  23. 2:06
    I play that game its called Starcraft and what is happening there

  24. calls toby fox u got a good theme that i prefer over marios

  25. Also one of the best game themes is the half life 2 Frack "Triage at dawn."this song brings back all the counless great emotions from this game instantly…

  26. im kinda sad u only mentioned the music of Sonic The Hedgehog(1991) once

  27. The Dragonborn Theme from Skyrim is another one that I can recognize easily…
    Though the Halo Theme… Eh, not really. I didn't play Halo, not into 3rd person fps.

  28. Also as a great example I would give Battlefield 1 apocalypse theme as one of the most epic pieces of not just videogame music but music in general.

  29. I've played Portal so many times that as soon as I hear the intro of Still Alive I begin singing it in my head.

  30. wow, hearing the Halo soundtrack was just amazing, so many memories!


    Amazing content!

  32. Extra Credits: Simple Memorable songs don't exist anymore!
    Megalomania: Allow me to introduce myself, buster.

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